Naoko. のすべての投稿

October 5 Cattivo, Pittsburgh PA


The time difference between Ohio where we were there yesterday and Pennsylvania is 1 hour. I didn’t know it was caused by it or not, I couldn’t sleep well at night. I woke up several times during the night. Finally I went out from the bed and to have hotel breakfast. The hotel diner was crowded. It seems that many people who are working for construction were staying. I wanted to make a waffle but I couldn’t. I had mini muffin and mini cinnamon roll. I came back to the room and took 30 minutes sleep. Then we left the hotel at 11am.


We took a break at a transfer cafe. They sold Ohio goods. Ohayo Ohio!


Is this regal or not because of damaging coins? Anyway, I like this machine.


The locomotive illustration looks like Thomas the Tank Engine is cute.

クレーンゲーム。Crane game.

トムとジェリーのジェリーだね。Jerry from Tom & Jerry.


Advertisement of chocolate on fueling machine might made people buying candies.

お昼ご飯休憩は45分間。女性4名はI HOPへ。りさちゃん、きらちゃんは2日連続。

We took 45munites lunch break. The girls went to I HOP. Risa and Kira went to I HOP yesterday, too.

オムレツとパンケーキのセットを注文。I ordered cheese omelet and pancakes.


Only cheese inside. The omelet was firm. I prefer soft one.


I cut pancakes before taking a picture. Friable. No vegetables but flour.

半分食べて半分持ち帰り。Half ate half to go.

ピッツバーグの町へ。Going to Pittsburgh.

町へ。Coming to the town.

会場に到着。ここは2年前に来たなぁ。Arrived at the venue. I came here 2 years ago.

うわー!会場は地下やったんや。階段かなわん。Oh, no! The venue is underground. I don’t like stairs.


UK punk band from 70’s, 999 will play here.

セッティング中。Now setting.



We could choose fried rice or noodles for dinner catering.


Also we could choose veggie or with chicken. I took some chicken fried rice and noodles on a plate and ate.


Fortune cookie after dinner. If I’m into cynicism, I may not playing in a band.

YAMAHA THR100Hアンプヘッド、今ツアーで活躍してくれた。専用ケースも便利だった。

YAMAHA THR100H amp head worked very well for this tour. Carrying case was so useful too.

ここ数日、かなりの品薄だったグッズ、最終日の今日にどうにかこうにか補充された。CDとVinylは、Good Charamel Recordsのみよこさんがバッファローから持参してくれた。

In these few days, our merch table had not many items but today refilled. Miyoko from Good Charamel Records brought CDs and Vinyls from Buffalo, NY.


After soundcheck, we had spare time. Miyoko, Atsuko and I went out.


Three of us went to a coffee shop near by. Drinking Chai Tea Latte and we talked. A person at the cafe said that he used to work at NOVA as an English teacher in Japan. NOVA is an English school chain which bankrupted.


Then show time! It was the final show. 33rd show of this tour.

Live pics by Kira


The audience were so excited. It was the last show of the tour. I appreciate to the audience. Thank you so much!


We loaded out, went back to the hotel and took pictures at the lobby. From left to right, tour manager/sound person Kenny, merch girl Kira, me, Risa, Atsuko and standing behind, stage manager Jake. Everyone did great job. Thank you very much!

Good Charamel Recordsのみよこさんと。何から何までお世話になりました!

With Miyoko from Good Charamel Records. Thank you for everything!

Kiraちゃんと。凸凹コンビ。With Kira. She is tall, I am short. Funny combination.


Thank you to all people who came to our show!! We also would like to say thank you to people who worked for this tour.


Went back to the hotel room and packed my belongings into my suits cases and took a shower. Then I ate mini Udon noodles which I kept. I got relaxed a little.


I had a little bit of beer. It was already 4am. I took 30minutes nap and took a shuttle to the airport at 5:30am.

October 4 Travel Day from Green Bay WI to Maumee OH

朝はGood Charamel Recordsのみよこさんからの救援物資のフリーズドライミニ雑炊を食べ、11時にホテルを出発。

I ate freeze dry rice soup from Miyoko of Good Charamel Records in the morning and left the hotel at 11am.


Along to the Lake Michigan, we drove to east. This picture was taken around Milwaukee. I wrote blog and played iPad games in the van.


Lunch break. Everyone but me went to an Asian Japanese restaurant. I went to eat to Philly Cheese Steak by myself.

パン好き。Philly Cheese Steak好き。ここのお店はモールによく出店しているCHARLY’Sより少し薄味。お店の名前、いとこ、やて。いとこで創業しはったんかな。

I like bread and Philly Cheese Steak. This restaurant serve a little lighter taste than CHARLY’S at shopping malls. Cousins may started this restaurant.


We drove through Chicago. Down town is far away.

橋の料金所。Toll at a bridge.

夕方6時ごろ給油休憩の時に、Auntie Anne’sのシナモンシュガープレッツエルを買って、車内で食す。このツアーで2回目。生地のもっちり感が好き。ツアー終盤、ここに来てアメリカンな食べ物の食べ納めになるから。

I bought Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel when we stopped at a transfer cafe. It was the 2nd time for me to eat it during this tour. I love the soft but crispy dough. I wanted to eat American style foods until the end of this tour.

出発から9時間あまりでMaumee のホテル着。ここは、9月6日に泊まったのと同じホテル。今日もプールで泳ぐ時間は無い。

9 hours after departure, we arrived at a hotel in Maumee. We stayed the same hotel on September 6th. I have no time to swim as the last time.


Then Atsuko and I went to a supermarket Kroger as the last time.


I brought wine and cheese again.



For use the leftover foods, I made Japanese style Tuna Spaghetti using microwave. It was delicious!

Tomorrow Pittsburgh! The tour final!

October 3 Lyric Room, Green Bay WI


Breakfast diner at the hotel this morning was unique. I don’t go to hotel breakfast during this tour so much. Our hotels usually have complimentary breakfast though. I can’t get up early and when I get up, it is always finished.


I had pastry from 2 days ago, a small apple from catering and a cup of coffee for breakfast.


We left the hotel at 11am and stopped at a gas station. I found a funny toy. This is “Text Message” gum. Press letters on chewing gum. I won’t buy it though.


It is become autumnal.


The leaves start turning red.

その後、30分間の昼ごはん休憩。りさちゃんきらちゃんは、I Hopでパンケーキを食べにいった。

Driving a while, we took 30 minutes break for lunch. Risa and Kira went to eat pancakes at I Hop.


Other guys chose Burger King.


Which one shall I order?

Whopper Jr. 1個頼んだ。今回のツアーで、初めて牛肉のハンバーグ。税込約2ドル。タコベルのSupreme1個とほぼ同じ値段。ボリューム的にはWhopper Jr.の方があるけど、味ではタコベルの方が好きかな。

I ordered a Whopper Jr. It became my first time to eat hamburger during this tour. It was 2 dollars, mostly the same price with Taco Bell’s Supreme. Whopper Jr. is bigger than Supreme Taco but I like Taco better.


It was tasty with mayo and onion. I wished the bread were warm.


These are ty’s stuffed animals which I see at most of every gas station. It’s colorful and fun but the eyes are scary for me.


They are looking at me!

一旦ホテルに荷物を置き、会場へ。こちら、会場のLyric Room。

We dropped off our luggage and went to the venue. This is the venue Lyric Room.


Oh, this picture is an old one. Ritsuko and Emi were on the picture.

中はこんなん。Inside of the venue.


I saw some scarecrows in the street in front of the venue.


Atsuko and I went to an Asian restaurant for dinner. Risa and crews went to other restaurant.


We ordered squid flitter. Squid was very small but flitter was soft and crispy and yum.


Chicken and cashew nuts were salty. I could not eat without steamed rice.


We had spare time and took a walk.


There was a museum beside the river.


There were very few people out in the streets. I should be careful.

単線の線路。A single-track railroad.

夜見たら怖い。More scary at night.


Signboard of a candy shop.



I don’t know why but a piano in the street.


And show time! Greeting to the audience.


Wow! What a Risa’s drum stick!

Live pics by Kira


Our merch girl for this tour Kira takes many great pictures.


The audience were so excited and cheerful. You can find and experience through these pictures. Thank you for coming to our show!


We autographed on a poster for a lady from today’s support band.


Colorful cookies from catering.


Today’s beer is a local beer from Green Bay. I got a Free Beer token! I’ll get free beer next time. I don’t know I can come again or not, anyway. Drive day tomorrow.

October 2 Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis MN


I had pastry from Hippo Bakery at Mitsuwa Market Place in Chicago and a cup of coffee in the morning. We left the hotel at 11am. It was warm and humid yesterday but a little cooling down today. We stopped for lunch. Everyone went to eating places they like. Atsuko, Jake and I chose Taco Bell.

Supreme Tacoを2個注文。同じものだけど包紙の色が違う。

I ordered two of Supreme Taco. These are the same but the colors of wrapping paper were different.


Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream in a taco shell. Yum! It has reasonable price. One taco costs $2-. There are many foods which expensive but not tasty. This one is yummy, cheap and fast. Some people don’t like but I love this.


We left our luggage at a hotel and came to the venue around 7pm. Soundcheck of a support band seemed a little delayed. Right after it was finished, we sat our equipment on stage..


We had no sound check but line check before the show because the driving was very long. This venue has balconies.



This venue is beautiful.


Merch table. Many items were sold out and sorry about that. Some people might be looking forward to get our new T-shirts.


I forgot to take a picture of the entrance of the venue. After we sat up equipment, I went out to hunt foods for dinner. It was raining and cold. Risa went to a Korean Japanese Sushi restaurant near by. Atsuko and I went to a supermarket’s deli.

Whole Foods Market、ホールフーズは「意識高い系」を謳っているスーパーマーケット。

Whole Foods Market is a “Natural Healthy hi-end” style market.


I bought broccoli cheese soup and a bread at the deli. I took them to the dressing room and ate. It cost $6 total. There was no attractive items for my stomach other than these. Atsuko bought a pack of Sushi.

Live pics by Kira


So many people came to our show tonight and everyone was so excited! It was the first time after 3 years to come back to Minneapolis. The reaction from the audience were very good. Thank you for coming to our show! I was happy.



I was thinking that I had nothing after show but I wanted to use foods with me and reduce my luggage. I made spaghetti peperoncino using a microwave in the hotel room. I had a half of a cup of red wine and went to bed.

This tour is almost done. 31shows were finished and only 2 left. Someone got cold or coughing in our crew but just a little more left. Take care. The 32 show of this tour is at Green Bay WI tomorrow.

October 1 Subterranean, Chicago IL


I reheat a Tarako-rice ball which I made the day before yesterday’s night with a microwave and eat it in the morning. I put salad from yesterday’s catering in my lunch box and we left the hotel at 10am.


At a convenience store of a gas station. Route 66 is an old road between Chicago IL and Santa Monica CA.


Passing through this place, we drove to Chicago. I ate salad and another Tarako-rice ball in our van. Balsamic dressing for the salad was so tasty.

シカゴにある日本のスーパーマーケットMitsuwa Market Placeへ寄り、昼食。紀伊国屋書店も入っている。

We dropped at a Japanese supermarket “Mitsuwa Market Place” and had lunch. A Japanese book store Kinokuniya is in the mall.

去年来た時は、山頭火ラーメン食べた。今年は麦まる。I ate Santouka-Ramen last year. I had Mugimaru Udon noodles this year.

温玉ぶっかけうどん。注文する時に「ハタカ」って言われて、二回聞き返してやっと「hot or cold」って言うてはると判明。cold を頼んだけどhotでも良かったかなぁ。とにかく玉子好きなので、食べられて良かった。

Mine was Ontama-Bukkake-Udon. I was asked “Hattaka?” When I ordered. I could not get the meaning. I asked twice and I understood he said “Hot or Cold?”. I ordered cold but I should order hot. Anyway I could eat an egg which my fave.


Mitarashi-Dango was sold at the supermarket. I think these are bigger than Japanese size.


Japanese bakery Hippo.


I think “Panda bread” looks like “Tanuki-neko Ponta-kun”.


I bought these. I love Japanese pastry.


We dropped our luggage at a hotel and went to the venue. Traffic jam is always happening in Chicago.


Arrived at the venue. We played here last year, too.


In front of the venue. There is a station next to the venue.


Oh, no! The venue is at the 2nd floor! I forgot about that I came here last year, tough. It was hard to load in.


Merch table, dressing room and bar are on the 3rd floor.


The view from the 3rd floor to the stage.


We need to use this spiral staircase which bars were a little broken from the dressing room to the stage. It looks like just between that of Juso Fandango and Nagoya Club UPSET.


Schedule of the venue.


3 members of the band went to an Asian Sushi restaurant which we went there last year after soundcheck. Miso soup was served the first.


I ordered Salmon Teriyaki. 2 pieces of salmon are enough for me. Instead of that, I wish I could have some small portion of other kind of food on the side.


I took the leftover to go.


We had time until show time and went to a drug store Walgreens near by. The building was beautiful.


I can see the venue through Walgreens’ window.



The town around the venue.

I went back to the dressing room and wrote my blog. Then show time.

Live pics by Kira


The show was packed with many audience. They were energetic and so friendly. Thank you so much! Big “Shonen Knife” call was happened after show for the encore.

ライブ後、今日2番目に出演のBev Rage & The Drinksのメンバーとあつこさんを記念撮影した。彼はナイフファンだそうで、ステージで、ナイフグッズの野球帽を遊園地の乗り物で飛ばしてしまい、係員さんと探したエピソードをおしゃべりしてくれていたそう。おつかれさま!


After show, I took a picture of Atsuko and a member of the 2nd band Bev Rage & The Drinks. He said on stage that he is a fan of Shonen Knife and when he went to an amusement park, he lost his Shonen Knife cap on a roller coaster and he looked for it with a clerk at the park. Thank you!

Minneapolis tomorrow! We only have three more shows for this tour.