Naoko. のすべての投稿

Thursday, March 28th 2019 Juso Fandango, Osaka




Across the Yodo river, we arrived at Juso Fandango. The bassist for today’s show is Naru. We gathered and rehearsed at a rehearsal studio before sound check. Then we had lunch. I had chicken, tofu and vegetable tempura with sweet and sour sauce. It was heavy.



We loaded in. It was 7 days in a row event by a band from Nara prefecture, Lostage. We were invited on Thursday the 4th day.

ゲストバンドは、Mass of the Fermenting Dregsと私たちという3バンドでのイベントです。

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and we played as guest acts.


Until sound check, we walked around the shoppers in Juso town.


Manneken Pis in Juso not in Belgium was covered by a jacket.


Very much sun burned sample of food at a cafe.

Lostage was sound checking.



I set a merchandise table.

次は私たちのサウンドチェック。こちら、私の新兵器 YAMAHA THR100H。

We did sound check. This is my new weapon, YAMAHA THR100H.


This amp head has 100W power and very light. It’s easy to carry. Power supply is universal and I can use it all over the world. It can be very useful for our world tour.


Naru uses red Rickenbacker today.


Lostage’s merch. Today’s color of the shirt is pink. Colorful!


さて、本番。最初にMass of the Fermenting Dregsが演奏して、次に私たちの出番。日本中はもちろん、海外からのお客さんも多かった。見に来てくださったみなさん、ありがとうございます!

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs opened the show and we played the next. I saw audience from all over Japan and from overseas, too. Thank you for coming to our show!


Ready to ROCK!

Pics by Atsushi


A drawing from our fan. Fun!


Then Lostage played. Hot.


I took a picture with Mr. Gomi from Lostage. He looks like an actor. I had good time and everybody did great job!

Sat. 23 February 2019 Fandango, Osaka


我々少年ナイフは、2月に入って大阪にて新作「Sweet Candy Power」のレコーディングを開始。スタジオに入ってレコーディングしてたらイエローマシンガンのかをりちゃんとたまちゃんとバッタリ会った!同じスタジオでリハーサル中なのでした。せっかくなので23日のライブ用プロモコメントビデオを撮ったよ。そして記念撮影。

We, Shonen Knife started recording for our new album “Sweet Candy Power” from February. When I was recording, Kawori and Tama from Yellow Machinegun were rehearsing at the same studio. We took a promotional video for this show and picture.


I got across the Yodo River and loaded in to Juso Fandango. Yellow Machinegun was rehearsing.


We got a cute drawing.


This is Yellow Machinegun’s merch table. They sold bracelets. Black T-shirt on the wall is a special shirt for this show. Kawori and I drew.


I drew “Racoon Cat” on the upper side. On the down side, Kawori’s drawing of a rabbit. This T-shirt is a limited issue of 40 shirts.


We got “Tokyo Pocky” from Kyoko of Yellow Machinegun. It was yum.



After sound check, we went to a soba noodles restaurant in the neighbors. I remember that Atsuko and Risa had Katsu-don, pork cutlet bowl,  last month at the same restaurant when we played the same venue. It looked yummy and I ordered this time. I usually eat noodles but I chose Katsu-don for dinner but it was heavy for my stomach. I should have noodles.

Then for Tsushimamire played as a first band. I was preparing for the show and couldn’t see their show so much but they played well with beautiful voice and grungy play.




撮影:太田智子 Pics by Tomoko Ota


Then our show time. Everybody there was excited and cheerful. Thank you for coming! Tomoko took nice pictures.


Then Yellow Machinegun played. They played hard and talked between songs very softly. It was fun.


After show, we took a picture with Tsushimamire and Yellow Machinegun. Atsuko played the bass and Naru came to see us. I love all female bands.


We also took a picture with Larry from Garlic Boys.


With the guitarist Kyoko.



All shows well done. We usually went back home right after shows but Yellow Machinegun held a party after show and we joined. Wearing Shonen Knife T-shirt, the drummer Tama proposed a toast. I could talked a lot with Tsushimamire girls and having a good time. Everybody did great job!

Sun. January 27 Fandango, Osaka


Red Sneakersのレコ発ライブ!

We played as a guest for Red Sneakers’ show.


We played at Juso Fandango, Osaka. First time after December 8th.


Members of Red Sneakers who are organizer of this show prepared sweets for catering for us. How cute these sweets are! Thanks a lot.


After sound check, we went to eat dinner to Soba noodle restaurant as usual. I ate Tendon, Tempura bowl.


I love deep fried dishes.


The first act was Missia and Ninjin.


The second act was Rinda & Marya. The third act was us, Shonen Knife. There were many audience and everybody seemed having fun. After our show, I drunk Guineas at our merch table. Ah, I’m contented.


I saw Red Sneakers. They played well.


Took a pic with Red Sneakers. They are cute boys.


Then we took a pic with Ronda & Marya, Mr. Kato from Juso Fandango, too. All of them are cute.


One more picture. All bands tonight were so cool. I had very good time.

I thank to our audience.

Sun. January 20 Travel Day from Tokyo to Osaka



We left Tokyo in the morning and drove along Tomei Highway and had a rest at a truck stop. We call truck stop or rest area is “Service Area” in Japan.

There was a food court. Everyone ate different food which they like to eat. I love noodles.


We drove safely to Osaka. It’s getting dark.


After came back home, I went to Yakitori-restaurant for dinner. Teriyaki chicken sticks and “Chita Whisky” and soda.



Secondly, I had non-brand Whisky and soda. This mug is big!

Cheers for our audience!

Sat. January 19, 2019 Roppongi VARIT



We can see Tokyo Tower from Roppongi.


Today’s venue. VARIT, Roppongi.



We had 2 shows in one day. I said that two shows in one day was just like shows at “Billboard Live” which is a music club in Tokyo and Osaka. Naru said it was just like “Yoshimoto-Shinkigeki” which is a comedy theater in Osaka. Anyway, the tickets are sold out. I’m happy.

Naru plays the bass at the first stage in daytime and Atsuko will be at the night stage. We prepared totally different set llists.


Today’s front act Mowmowlulugyaban did sound check. They started sound check from around 8 am. Their music is funky that is rare for Japanese. Cool!


After young girl’s “idol” groups, Mowmowlulugyaban played. The drummer took off his shirt.


Then we Shonen Knife played. We had Naru as a bassist for the first show. She made a set list. I usually take 4, 5 days to make a set list but she replied very quickly after I asked her to make it. Good!


Atsuko joined as a vocalist at the enocre. We had very good time with cheerful audience and took a picture with Mowmowlulugyaban. Everybody did great job! Risa and I have one more show and have to keep concentration.


Convenience store’s foods are so useful. I ate an boiled egg, a tuna flavor rice ball, or a bowl of salad on fried noodles. We had rest and went back to the venue.


Car dealer in the neighbors of the venue. Roppongi-ish.


Getting dark and Tokyo Tower was lighten up.





The second stage started and the audience were so excited. Atsuko made the set list. It is totally different from the first stage but a cool set. Pretty good. Naru joined at the encore and played “air-guitar” which is pretend like playing the guitar.

Neat Beats played before us. Wearing suits and played well with funny talk. We took a picture together.

Two shows in one day was so stressful for me but I was very happy because the audience enjoyed so much.

I ate something from our friends and foods from convenience store for dinner and went to bed quickly.