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January 6, , Kobe VARIT, Japan

2019年1月6日(日)神戸、三宮 VARIT.

KOBE Goodies Collection 15th year R&R special!!!


ZIGGY / SODA! / THE NEATBEATS / ザ50回転ズ / Kxxg Broxxxxs / KiNGONS / THE TOMBOYS / The Songbards / Lucie,Too / Slimcat / 片山ブレイカーズ&ザ★ロケンローパーティ / がらくたロボット / はいからはくち / climbgrow / イナズマクラブ

This is Kobe VARIT.’s 15th year anniversary event. Co-hosted with a venue at Sannomiya, Kobe Checken George. People  can see both venue’s shows in one ticket.


Our first show on 2019 was held at Kobe city.  I like Kobe city because the town is fashonable. There are many patisseries which sells delicious sweets and restaurants from all over the world.


The entrance of today’s venue VARIT.


DJ played between shows.



Album jackets of the Beatles, VOX amp or stuffed dogs were decorated.


There were the Beatle guitars on the wall.


A Beatle poster was on the wall behind our merch table. Wow they love the Beatles.



The venue has balcony and it is easy for the audience to see the stage. This picture is a band called Lucie, Too. They played before us. They are 3 cute girl’s band.

We played after them.


Our show time! We played enthusiastically for 30 minutes set. These live pictures were taken by Tomoko Ota who is our super live photographer.


Pics by Tomoko Ota


Thank you for coming to our show from not only around Kobe but from all over the world. It became a very good show for the start of 2019!


We took a picture with Lucie, Too.


I went to my favorite city Kobe but there was no time to see around. I was at the venue all the time and went back to Osaka right after show. On the way to Osaka, I could enjoy the beatuful night view from the highway. I would like to play in Kobe again. I want to go to Kobe and eat delicious sweets and food there next time.

Saturday, December 8 Fandango, Juso, Osaka

12月8日(土)大阪・十三 ファンダンゴ 「スペースアドベンチャー 2018」


‘Space Adventure 2018’ Osaka show


I drew this picture and letters at a hotel room when I was touring in the USA this September. Using a smartphone’s application, I made my hand drawing to the data and emailed it to Japan. Our manager arranged the data and made a poster. Anyway, it became very convenient.

お昼過ぎ、十三のファンダンゴに到着。約1年前にライブアルバム「Alive! in Osaka」を録音したのもこのファンダンゴ。10年前のライブ盤「Live in Osaka」もここで録音しました。ようお世話になってます。

I arrived at Juso Fandango in the afternoon. We recorded our latest live album ‘Alive! in Osaka’ at here. Our live album 10 years ago ‘Live in Osaka’ was also recorded, too.

「スペースアドベンチャー 2018」大阪編のゲストはnoodlesとMetalchicks。写真はサウンドチェック中のnoodles。

Today’s guests are noodles and Metalchicks. noodles is sound checking.


Inside of the venue.


We sold packages of Kazoo, Autographed Postcard and Pick at our merch table. They were very popular to our fans.


Metalchicks is doing sound check.

Yellow Machinegunのかをりちゃんとたまちゃんが遊びに来てくれました!Yellow Machinegunとは10月27日に和歌山で一緒にライブして大いに盛り上がりました。

Kaori and Tama from Yellow Machinegun came to see us. We played withe them in Wakayama on October 27th. We had very good time there.






We got this cute drawing from our cute fan. Thanks!

Setting up the merch table and sound checked and went to eat dinner. I had Kitsune-Udon noodles. I had no picture, though. Warm noodles is the best before the show.

The opening act was Metalchicks. Their sound was solid and so cool.

The front act was noodles. They were so cute and rock. So good.

Then our show time!

Live ライブ写真撮影:太田智子さん

pics by Tomoko Ota



I upload more pictures than usual because our super cool photographer Tomoko came to the show and took many great pics. I love her pictures of our shows.


After show with Metalchicks. Sugar Yoshinaga on the right loves tennis. I would like to play tennis with her. Yuka Yoshimura on the left likes work out. She is also a support drummer of noodles.


Yoko and Ikuno from noodles came and all of us took a picture together. Naru had to go back home.

Red Sneakersのお二人も来てくれました。帰り際にテルくんと記念撮影。


Teru from Red Sneakers came to see us, too. We took a pic just before went out.

Then noodles and Shonen Knife went to eat dinner. In general, at musician’s after show is served much alcohol but we don’t drink so much. Eating delicious Okonomiyaki Pancake and Fried Noodles, we chatted. It was so fun and I enjoyed a lot. Naru and Sugar Yoshinaga had to go back and couldn’t join the dinner. I hope we can play again and have dinner together.

Monday, November 26 Drive Day and Judas Priest Show

11月26日(月)移動日 東京から大阪へ、そしてJudas Priestのコンサート


We got up a little early and drove back to Osaka. It was fine and I could see Mt. Fuji.


It was snowing on the top. Beautiful like Ukiyo-e Painting!


I could see Mt. Fuji from the other side.


I ate Kishimen-Noodles at a service area. It might be close to Nagoya.


Kishimen-Noodles are Fettuccine style noodles.


We stopped at Tsuchiyama Service Area. This is a Ninja Racoon. This area is famous for Ninja.


What is this blue rice? Image of Lake Biwa?!


I would like to try next time.

車は順調に走り、大阪へ戻ってきました。わたしは梅田で車から降ろしてもらって、Judas Priestのライブに向かいました。まずは腹ごしらえに堂島地下街の「インデアン」でカレーライスを食べました。(写真ないけど)ごはんは小盛りで。


We drove smoothly and came back to Osaka. I dropped off the car at Umeda and off to Judas Priest show. Before the show I ate curry and rice at ‘Indian Curry’ in Dojima undergraound shopping mall. I forgot to take a picture. I ordered small portion of rice.

This picture is at Dojima shopping mall.


20 minutes walk took me to the venue Osaka International Convention Center.


Nakanoshima area.

グランキューブの1階に到着!「祝 2025 大阪・関西万博決定」!!!

I arrived at the first floor of the convention center. There was a sign. It says Celebration for EXPO 2025 in Osaka!!

Judas Priestのライブは「飛びはね」というよりは「ヘッドバンギング」する人が多いと思われます。

There was a signboard “No Jumping”. I think Judas Priest fans rather doing head banging than jumping.

Judas Priestのライブ、ロブ・ハルフォードの声もよく出ていたし、ステージの装飾、仕掛け、ライティングも完璧だったし、演奏もタイトですばらしかった。前回見た時よりさらにグレードアップしていて、ほんま、ええライブ見せてもらいました。かっこ良すぎ!とても楽しかったので、ツアーTシャツ買いました。また来日したら絶対見に行くぞ~。

Judas Priest show was awesome! The voice of Rob Halford was good, stage set and lighting were perfect, musical performance and sound were so cool. They got more better than the last time. I love them. I enjoyed a lot and bought tour T-shirt. I’ll certainly come to their show next time when they come to Japan.

Sunday, November 25 live at THREE, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo


It was the first day of the event ‘Space Adventure’ which is organized by Shonen Knife. We loaded in to the venue ‘THREE’ in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. We’ve ever played at ‘BASEMENT BAR’, the next-door club of ‘THREE’ in 2013, 2014 etc but it was the frist time for us to play at ‘THREE’.


The handrail of the stairs is artistic.


This is the stage. The shape is triangle.



‘Team papalion’ came to help our show today. They helped us the day before at Shinjuku LOFT, too.

Three people from the left on the back row are the band ‘papalion’. A woman on the right on the back row is Mami Saito who is an illustrator.

After I set the stage and the merch table, we went to eat dinner to the neighbours. What did I eat? Ah, I ate Tenshin-han which is Japanese-Chinese style egg rice bowl. I forgot to take a picture. Then our show started.

Live pics by Atsushi


We played 60 minutes set plus encore including old songs and new songs. Our audience looked happy and I’m very honored.

ライブ終了後に、本日のゲスト「Magic Drums & Love」の皆さんと記念撮影。「マジドラ」可愛くて素敵なバンドです。ベースの田代くん(右端)にはブッキング等お世話になりました。ありがとう。

We took a picture with the front act ‘Magic Drums & Love’ after show. They are a cute and nice band. The bassist Tashiro worked for this booking. Thanks a lot!


We got beautiful flowers. Thank you so much!


Izakaya, Hikari-no Mori catered at the venue. They gave us some food. I ate these after show before go to bed. Everything was so delicious. Thanks!

Saturday, November 24 A Day Off in Tokyo



We usually have no time to see around in Tokyo but we could have a day off this time and enjoyed sightseeing. I visited Kamiari-mon Gate at Senso-ji Temple. This area looks rather the Edo than Tokyo. I love this old atmosphere. There were many people from all over the world.

仲見世通り。Nakamise street.

お寺の門。The gate of the temple.


I walked to TokyoSkytree tower from there.


I crossed Sumida river.

Tokyo Skytree Station.



From the bottom of the tower. It’s too big to take a picture.


Christmas market was held.


There was a beautiful flower bed.


Skytree town shopping mall, Soramachi includes cool gift shops and Pokémon Center.


Harry Potter’s movei, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ did promotion in the building.


I had cream pasta for my late lunch.


I came to Shibuya. There were many people as usual at the big crossing called Scrambled Intersection in Shibuya.


Christmas decoration everywhere.


I had hamburg steak with cheese for dinner. Ate heavy food and went to bed.