Naoko. のすべての投稿

September 30 Rock’n’roll Hardee’s, Springfield IL


It’s the last day of September. Consumption tax will be raised from October 1st in Japan. I wanted to buy my necessities before tomorrow but I couldn’t. Ah…


Got up in the morning, I ate donuts from Dunkin Donuts yesterday and had a cup of coffee quickly. We left the hotel at 11am and took a break at a gas station. Chicago Bears of NFL goods were sold.


American states magnets. If I gather everything, can I make a whole map of the US?!


We went to a southern American style diner, Cracker Barrel for lunch. It was the second time to eat here.


Every Cracker Barrel has the totally the same interior.


Souvenir shop at the entrance. I went there during waiting my lunch.


Are Christmas goods sold all through the year?!


Michael Jackson forever!


Harry Potter goods.


Lunch was served. I ordered daily special grilled chicken. Big portion!


Everyone ordered their fave.


Risa ordered steak. Colorful veggies on the plate. We went to a hotel and dropped off our luggage after lunch. Then went to the venue.


Today’s venue is a huge parking lot of a restaurant Hardee’s in Springfield IL which is a capital city of Illinois. A stage is set and named Rock’n’roll Hardee’s. Free concert today.


This is Hardee’s. They sell hamburgers and shakes.


Interior of the restaurant. American taste. Cute. (I took these pictures after show.)


This stage was built more than 30 years ago. I’ve heard that this is the only place in the US which has a stage at a parking lot at a restaurant.


The view from the stage. Huge parking!

ドラムのサウンドチェック中のJake 。今日のドラムセットは関係者の方が貸してくれた。このドラムは、マイクを通して音を出すのが初めてだとの事。

Jake is doing soundcheck for drums. A person who owns this drum kit let us use. He said that it is the first time to be played them through many microphones.


It was very warm. There were tons of tiny mosquitoes around the stage. I had mosquito bites!


We drove to an Airbnb which was reserved as our dressing room after soundcheck. It took 10 and a little more minutes by our van.


Dinner was on the table.

サラダと Salad and


Pasta tasted so good.


We drove back to the venue and played the show! So many people came to see us!



The power at the stage was down in the middle of the 2nd song. I was surprised but it was recovered quickly.


There was no trouble after that and we could play well. The big audience seemed happy and having fun.


It seems that mainly people in the neighbors came by car. There were many families. Two kids tried to go up to the stage?!


This boy, too. It made me smile.

Live pics by Kira

ロックフェスティバルさながらの駐車場ライブ!とても楽しかった!沢山見に来てくれてありがとう。Hardee’s はじめ、スポンサー、スタッフの皆さんにも、ありがとうございました!

It was just like a Rock Festival. I had a very good time. Thank you for coming to see us. I would like to say thank you to Hardee’s, sponsors and stuff at the show.


As Soon as the show was finished, shakes were served from the kitchen. I was so happy. I recharged my energy with the chocolate shake topped with whip cream and did encore.

この日のサポートバンドは一昨日に引き続きHooten Haller’s の皆さん。記念撮影。

Hooten Haller’s supported the show as the day before yesterday. We took a picture.


We also took a picture with people at the restaurant.


A Kawaii girl came to our show.


Went back to the hotel, drunk a bottle of beer from catering and went to bed.


Springfield is a town where Lincoln had been lived 25 years before he would become a president. Chicago tomorrow!

September 29 Travel Day from Ferndale MI to Joliet IL


I got up in the morning and ate a banana from catering. We left the hotel at 11am. I ate a rice ball which Atsuko made with bonito flakes in our van.


We took a break at a gas station.


Lots of bananas were piled up and sold. Bananas at lower place might be pressured.


Then we stopped at a Mexican restaurant.


I ate salmon tacos. Grilled salmon and mayo tasted so good!


We got an hour from Eastern Time to Central Time, arrived at a hotel. There’s an indoor swimming pool! I would like to swim today.


Entered into the hotel room and rushed to hotel guest laundry with dirty clothes. I almost used all of my clean clothes. During laundry, having some beer and I wrote my blog and played iPad game. Atsuko and I went to TARGET in 15 minutes walk after finished laundry. It was raining.

TARGET まで行く間、歩行者は1人も見かけなかった。車のみ。雨降って水たまりだらけだし、歩道もあったりなかったりで、かなり険しい道のりだった。TARGET 到着した頃には、靴がびしょ濡れだった。

I saw no one who were walking on the way to TARGET. There were cars only. The way to TARGET was hard with puddles and there were no sidewalks at some places. My shoes got wet when I arrived there.


The local popular baseball team Chicago Cubs goods were sold.


It’s a season of Halloween business.


ロックンロール!Ronnie James Dioのメロイックサイン!芝生に立てるねんて。

Rock’n’roll! Ronnie James Dino’s Meloik sign. This will be put in a lawn.


I bought some cosmetics and foods and walked back using the better route. Stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and Atsuko and I bought three donuts for breakfast. Halloween spider donut was damaged in a bag.


I got relaxed with wine and delicious snack.


I had to eat foods with me for make my bag lighter. I boiled spaghetti and put peperoncino sauce from Japan. It was yummy. I had to eat vegetables and had powdered vegetables.

それだけでは足らず、我々のアメリカのレーベルGood Charamel Recordsのみよこさんから、昨日の宿に届けられた救援物資のミニカップ麺も頂いた。ありがとう!癒される〜。

I was still hungry. I ate a mini cup noodles from Miyoko of our American record label, Good Charamel Records. She sent “rescue foods” to yesterday’s hotel for us. Thank you so much! That cheers me a lot.



Then I made Tarako steamed rice using microwave and Chibikuro-Chan steamed rice maker. I didn’t go to the swimming pool.

The final week of our North American Tour will start from tomorrow!

September 28 Magic Bag, Ferndale MI


We left the hotel at 11am and stopped at a town called London in Ontario, Canada for lunch. It’s London but not in the UK. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant.


Everyone ordered their favorite meal.


I ate seafood fried noodles. The portion was very big.


Risa and Kira bought candies of kids’.


Border came soon. We did not need to went out from our van at the border and entered into the US safely. Then we drove a while and arrived at a hotel. We tried to check in but the clerk at the front desk said that it was overbooking. “” and “expedia” were conflicted. Oh, no! I can’t understand! Also the hotel was fully booked. In the end, Atsuko and I could use a room which has a sofa bed and a regular bed. Risa and Kira use one king size bed room. There was no shampoo and coffee maker in our room. I went down to the front desk and get shampoo.


Finally we went to the venue. It’s a big clean venue.


The floor has slope and steps. There were tables and chairs at the back for eating dinner.


Many people come to our merch table every night.


Wow! Cool project image was made. Good for Instagram?! Girls were playing with hand shades.


After soundcheck, we went to have dinner. Actually we wanted to go to a Sushi restaurant next to the venue. Because before the sound check, the person at the Sushi restaurant was sitting at the parking and they found us and asked to take a picture with them. We tried to go there but the restaurant was used for private party.


Then we went to another Sushi restaurant.


I ordered Gyoza and Agedashi-Tofu. Tofu makes me powerful.

すしカウンター。Sushi counter.


Risa ordered these.


Atsuko ordered these. Kira ordered sushi to go because she had to go back to the venue for merch.


After dinner, we went back to the venue. This is the bar at the venue.

グッズコーナー。熊ちゃん帽の方は今日のサポートバンドのThe Hooten Haller’s のグッズ販売担当者。

Merch tables. A man wearing a bear hat were selling today’s support band The Hooten Haller’s merch.


Refrigerator at the dressing room was guitar amp shape.


Show time has come! Audience were very friendly and cheerful. Thank you for coming to our show!

Live pics by Kira


We took a picture at the “Instagram Spot”.

今日のサポート、The Hooten Haller’sのメンバーと記念撮影!明日は移動日!

Took a pic with members form The Hooten Haller’s. Travel day tomorrow!

September 27 This ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton ON, Canada

昨日は夜の11時半からライブが始まったので、寝るのが遅くなった。睡眠時間を確保する為、今日はサウンドチェック (日本ではリハーサルとか、リハとか言うよね。英語ではリハーサルは、練習の事を言う。) は無し、ラインチェックのみとしてもらった。ゆえ、11時ホテル発。サービスエリアで昼食。

Our show was from 11:30 yesterday and I went to bed very late. To have enough sleep, we skipped soundcheck and did line check before the show. We left the hotel at 11am and stopped at a transport cafe for lunch.


I had KFC’s chicken sandwich. I wish I could buy Japanese style chicken sandwich which are available in Japan. It’s called Wafu-Chicken Katsu-Sandwich. Anyway I ate it quickly.


8 hours after we left the hotel, we finally arrived at the venue.



A support band have already sat the stage. We put our amps on stage and sat up drum kit in the side room.


This is bar.


This picture on the poster is rare. Naru played the bass, Emi played the drums and I.


Then we went to a dressing room. It looks a private rehearsal studio. An goldfish was there. It was swimming to the water surface for taking oxygen often.


Cool drawing was on the wall.


There were two dumbbells. We tried to lift them up.


Atsuko lifted them up but she couldn’t lift them down. Risa helped her to lift them down.


When Kira came to our dressing room and tried. It seemed that it was easy for her. Nice!


Then Risa’s turn. She lifted them very easily! I was so surprised. Iron dumbbells seemed like plastic. Drummer power!


The owner and Risa.


Now I’ll try.


1. 2. 3.!


No! I can’t lift them up. Heavy dumbbells are bad for my back. Each dumbbell was 20 pound. 9 kg. Impossible! Everyone but me was great.


We made sandwich by each of ourselves using catering breads, bacon, cheese and tomato. I ate cheese on a slice of bread with mayo and mustard.

Live pics by Kira


And show time! The show was packed. Some audience moshed and crashed on other audience. It was a little dangerous but got well soon. We could have good time with great audience. Thank you so much! It was the last date of Canadian shows. I love Canada. We would like to come back.


Beers and apple cider for catering. Apple cider contains 5% alcohol. It looks like sparkling wine. Yummy.


I ate tuna mayo spaghetti after got back to the hotel. I boiled spaghetti in microwave and poured retort sauce. I went to bed around 4am.

September 26 Pop Montreal at Le Ministere, Montreal QC, Canada


We left the hotel at 8:30. I ate a cinnamon roll and a muffin in the van. Arrived at the venue almost 3pm. Kenny said that the venue today is on the 4th floor and has no elevator but actually there were only 4 steps. Ah, it’s lucky.


今日はPop Montreal というイベント。町中の会場で行われている。

There are 4 steps in front of the entrance.

It’s an event called Pop Montreal today. Many events are held around the town.


Beautiful entrance.


After loading in, during Kenny and Jake went to get wristbands for the show, the band and Kira went to a Sushi shop.


I bought these. Egg sushi was so delicious.Salmon roll was good but I didn’t need tempura flakes.


The booklet of the event.


The word “Shonen Knife” was in the puzzle.




After soundcheck, we came back to the hotel. I saw an amusement park.



What is this round architecture?!

I boiled a half portion of Somen noodles in the room and writing answers for email questions in bed. Took 2 hours rest and changed my power.


Went back to the venue and had an interview from Pop Montreal. On the way back to the venue, the round architecture was lighten up.


Then show time!

Live pics by Kira


We could have packed audience. Thank you so much! There were young girls at the front and dancing. Also I saw fans from 90’s were singing along me. I was so happy.


There were 3 support bands. We took a picture with the first band Zinnia.


Catering beer today was this Montreal beer. 5% alcohol. The color was amber. Yum.