January 6, , Kobe VARIT, Japan

2019年1月6日(日)神戸、三宮 VARIT.

KOBE Goodies Collection 15th year R&R special!!!


ZIGGY / SODA! / THE NEATBEATS / ザ50回転ズ / Kxxg Broxxxxs / KiNGONS / THE TOMBOYS / The Songbards / Lucie,Too / Slimcat / 片山ブレイカーズ&ザ★ロケンローパーティ / がらくたロボット / はいからはくち / climbgrow / イナズマクラブ

This is Kobe VARIT.’s 15th year anniversary event. Co-hosted with a venue at Sannomiya, Kobe Checken George. People  can see both venue’s shows in one ticket.


Our first show on 2019 was held at Kobe city.  I like Kobe city because the town is fashonable. There are many patisseries which sells delicious sweets and restaurants from all over the world.


The entrance of today’s venue VARIT.


DJ played between shows.



Album jackets of the Beatles, VOX amp or stuffed dogs were decorated.


There were the Beatle guitars on the wall.


A Beatle poster was on the wall behind our merch table. Wow they love the Beatles.



The venue has balcony and it is easy for the audience to see the stage. This picture is a band called Lucie, Too. They played before us. They are 3 cute girl’s band.

We played after them.


Our show time! We played enthusiastically for 30 minutes set. These live pictures were taken by Tomoko Ota who is our super live photographer.


Pics by Tomoko Ota


Thank you for coming to our show from not only around Kobe but from all over the world. It became a very good show for the start of 2019!


We took a picture with Lucie, Too.


I went to my favorite city Kobe but there was no time to see around. I was at the venue all the time and went back to Osaka right after show. On the way to Osaka, I could enjoy the beatuful night view from the highway. I would like to play in Kobe again. I want to go to Kobe and eat delicious sweets and food there next time.