Ritsuko Bass&Backing Vocal
Naoko Vocal&Guitar
Etsuko Drums&Backing Vocal


July 21th

December 18th

July 11th

Favorite Colors

Green, Pink, Silver

Silver, Orange

Pink, Sky Blue, Black, Silver

Blood Type





'60 and '70's Liverpool Sound
(Beatles, Zombies, Kinks, Animals and etc…)Shonen Knife
Oasis, Verve,Yellow Monkey, Tiyo-no-tou

'70's Hard Rock and '70's American Rock
(Kiss, Judas Priest, rainbow, Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath, Motor Head,Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Boston,Blue Oyster Cult,Strawberry Alarm Clock and more…)Beatles, Buzzcocks, Ramones,Earth, Wind and Fire, Nick Lowe

Rage Against the Machine
Red Hot Chilipeppers
Bakufu Slump
Beat Crusaders
Namie Amuro
Haruhiko Kato


Reading comics

Tennis (Playing and Watching Pro Tennis)
Taking photographs by digital camera

Keeping watch on trend fashion

Special Skills

Swimming, Cooking, Making Sweets

Good at drawing portraits
Handicraft, Wrapping gifts

Baton Twirl

At Spare-Time

Read comics at a Internet Cafe

Go shopping, Play portable video games
Net surfing, Ride on a bicycle

Watching TV and get relax
Cleaning rooms

Favorite Foods

Sweets, Naan Bread and Curry,Chinese soup noodles, Beer,Stem of Wakame seaweed

Noodles (Pasta, Udon, Soba etc…)
Fruits, Vegetables, Daily Products,
Sweets (Japanese, Western, all sweets)

BBQ, Cheese Fondu, Fruits, Sweets


December 29th

Gave the first rehearsal in Osaka, Japan.

March 14th

First gig at Studio One in Osaka, Japan. An attendance of 36, Charge ¥ 100

August 15th

Released the first independent cassette tape album, “Minna Tanoshiku Shonen Knife”
Sold out soon.

May 2nd

Live performed at Hosei University. This was the first gig at Tokyo area. Gigs at many campus festivals.

July 21st

Released “Burning Farm”, 20cm LP album including eight songs from Zero Records.

November 15th

Released a joint compilation album “AURA MUSIC” by ZERO and Kagerou including three songs of Shonen Knife.

May 25th

Released 20cm LP album “ Yamano Attchan” that includes 10 songs by ZERO Records.


Balcony Records released a compilation album,” Huddle No Trouble”、including two songs performed by Shonen Knife.


Released a cassette tape album, “Burning farm” that includes 11 songs by K label, US.

June 20th

Released “Pretty Little Baka Guy” including ten songs of 20cm LP album by ZERO Records.


Released “Pretty Little Baka Guy + Live in Japan” that includes 13 songs of 12 inches LP with live three songs.


Joined a compilation album “SUB POP 100” for one song released by SUB POP, US


Girlfriend Records released a girls’ group compilation album “Amusement Park” that includes one song recorded by Shonen Knife.


Produced a promotion video by themselves.

March 26th

Aired their songs on John Peel’s program of BBC radio, UK.


Released FLIPSIDE compilation album, “VINYL FANZINE No.3” by Fanzine, US.


Concentrated on their live activities.

September 2nd

Joined SONIC YOUTH as the guest at Muse Hall, Shinsaibashi, Osaka.
Played jam session as an encore.


Tater Totz released “Mono Stereo” that includes two songs of Shonen Knife by GASATANKA / GIANT RECORDS, known as ROCKVILLE at present.

August 12th

First gig abroad. At 2nd Coming, LA, US, supported by sessions of Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth and Jeff & Steve from Redd Kross.


Released a compilation album covered songs of Shonen Knife, titled “Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them”(CD, Cassette tape, LP, 2LP) participated by over 30 groups that include Sonic Youth, Redd Kross, L7, Babes In Toyland, Lunachicks, Big Dipper, and so on.

July 1st

712’ was released. (Incl. 15 songs, Nippon Crown)


From SUB POP, ‘Neon Zebra’ was released (7 inch Single) as “Fan club Series”.


‘712’ was released from GASATANKA / ROCKVILLE in U.S.A.
It’s a different mix version from Japanese version of 712. This album made the CMJ chart.


The second U.S. tour (4 shows) Appeared on CNN news

September 25th

Re-released “PRETTY LITTLE BAKA GUY” adding three live songs to the previous “PRETTY LITTLE BAKA GUY” by Tokuma Japan.

November 14th

Live performed with FUGAZI at the Sun Hall Shinsaibashi, Osaka.


Released a 7” album, “Space Christmas” by Seminal Twang, UK.
The album made the NME and the Melody Maker charts.

November 21st

Released a Christmas 7” “Space Christmas” by ROCKVILLE RECORDS, US.

November 24

through December 11th Toured with Nirvana and Captain America known as the Eugeneous now all over the UK. (9 gigs).

December 6th

Live gigs as a headliner at the Underworld, London.

December 8th

Recorded “John Peel Session” of BBC, UK.

February 14th

Appeared on Valentine’s Day concert sponsored by JA. Nirvana touring Japan came to the venue and the audience were much excited.

June 16th

through June 22nd US tour of four gigs.

June 18th

Appeared on the Psycho Nite of the New Music Seminar as a special guest at Limelight, New York.

August 26th

Released “Let’s Knife” that includes 15 songs by MCA Victor.

August 26th

through September 5th UK tour of 3 gigs.

August 29th

Appeared on the 20th Reading Festival, UK with Nirvana, Mudhoney etc.

September 1st

Recording for the John Peel Session on BBC, UK.

September 4th

Produced a promotion video, “Riding On The Rocket” at London, UK.

September 17th

through September 22nd Japan Tour 1993 (3 venues, 5 performances)

December 2nd

Released a mini CD “Do The Knife” that includes 4 songs by MCA Victor.

November 2nd

through December 8th UK tour (18 gigs) with BMX Bandits as a front act.

December 31st

Won the special award of the annual grand prize awarded to the best musicians.

February 6th through
February 14th

US tour (three venues, four gigs)

February 15th
through 20th

Japan tour 1993 (three venues, four gigs)

February 26t

Appeared on the stage of the SONIC YOUTH at the NHK Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo as a guest

March 25th
through April 26th

UK & Europe tour (20 gigs for ten countries)

July 2nd through July 14th

Europe Rock Festival tour 1993 (seven gigs for six countries)

August 21st

Released a CD single “Concrete Animals” by MCA Victor followed by making a promotion video, “Concrete Album” reporting on rock festival tours in July.

September 8th

Released a CD “Rock Animals” that includes 11 songs by MCA Victor.
October Made a promotion video “Brown Mushroom”.

November 3rd

Released a single CD “Brown Mushroom”. (Opening theme song for the Asakusa-bashi young tailor’s shop of TV Tokyo)

November 11th

through November 29th Rockin’ Animals 1993 Shonen Knife All Japan Tour (eight venue, nine gigs)

November 28th

Released a single CD “Brown Mushrooms” for US version by Virgin Records.
Won No.1 in Adventure Picks section and in Radio Breakthroughs section on CMJ charts dated Dec. 26.

December 2nd

through December 18th US tour with Nirvana (8 concerts)

January 10th

Released “Rock Animals” for UK version by Creation-August Records.

November 2nd

through December 8th UK tour (18 gigs) with BMX Bandits as a front act.

November 2nd

Released “Rock Animals” for US version by Virgin Records.

March 2nd

Released “Favorites” that is five songs by MCA Victor.

March 9th through March 16th

Promotion video shooting for “Tomato Head” in LA, USA

April 14th through May 25th

US & Canada tour (29 gigs)
Appeared on many TV and radio programs like MTV “120 minutes”, NBC’s hit program “Conan O’Brien Show” etc.

August 17th through September 8th

Lollapalooza tour (US & Canada, nine venues, 13 gigs)

September 13th

Released “If I were a Carpenter” which is an album tribute to Carpenters. Shonen Knife covered “Top Of The World”

October 12th

The documentary program of the US & Canada tour was on the air by NHK BS 2ch.


New song for Kirin Beer’s TV commercial ‘Gambare Kansai (Bear Up Kansai)’was recorded. It was aired 6 month long.

February 22nd

‘Greatest History’ (Best Hits CD) was released. (B-side, Live version and unreleased tracks 12songs and bonus truck CD MCA Victor)

From March
6th to 14th

JUMP UP TOUR ’95 (JAPAN tour, 3 shows)


‘Get The Wow’ was aired for NHK TV’s program ‘off time cafe’ as a theme song.

From November 1st to 23rd

Panda Tour’95 (JAPAN tour 10 cities 12 shows)

From December 3rd to 17th

U.S. Showcase Tour (5 shows)

From March 31st
to May 31st

Recorded for the new album ‘BRAND NEW KNIFE’ in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Produced by the Robb Brothers.

From June 1st to 4th

the promotional video ‘E.S.P.’ was shot in San Francisco, U.S.A.

June 21st

Single CD, ‘Wonder Wine’ was released. (MCA Victor)
Shonen Knife version’s ‘Top Of The World’ was used for a TV commercial of Microsoft. Also it was used as the ending theme song on an American movie ‘Last Supper’.

August 7th

Single CD, ‘E.S.P.’ was released. (MCA Victor)

August 21st

Album ‘Brand New Knife’ was released. (MCA Victor)

From September 19th to October 2nd

Wonder Tour ’96 (JAPAN tour 5 cities, 6 shows)

From November 1st to 25th

University and College festivals tour (4 shows)

From December 11th to 17th

Singapore and Hong Kong tou

December 13th

Singapore ‘SPARKS’ (capacity 2500, sold out)

December 15th

Hong Kong ‘Club X’ (capacity 500, sold out)

December 24th

Live at ‘Liquid Room’ Tokyo, Japan (An event presented by Shonen Knife ‘Wonder World Vol. 1’)
Guest: OOIOO (Yoshimi from Boredoms), Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Zapped Store, DJ Malaya Nakahara (Boryoku Onsen Geisha)

January 9th

Did DJ at FM 802, which was the first trial for the members of Shonen Knife. It went very well. It was a great selection of rock numbers.

January 22nd

remixed album ‘SUPER MIX’ was released. Re-mixer: Keigo Oyamada (Conerious), Takkyu Ishino, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Moichi Kuwahara, Keiichi Sokabe, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Shonen Knife, Roger Manning (Imperial Drug, Moog Cookbook) (CD and Vinyl MCA Victor)

From January 14th to February 3rd

From January 14th to February 3rd

February 8th

Played at ‘Poptopia Festival’ in U.S.A. (Shonen Knife headlined for the Poptopia Festival on February 8th and it was sold out)

March 10th

‘Wonder World Vol. 2’ tour in Japan at Club Quattro Shinsaibashi, Osaka

March 12th

Club Quattro, Nagoya

March 13th

Liquid Room, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Guests: Buffalo Daughter and more
‘Brand New Knife’ was released in U.S.A.

From April 1st to May 20th

North American tour in U.S.A. and Canada (Toured more than 30 cities by tour bus. It was very hard ‘survival road’ because everyday the band drove about 10 hours and performed. But at every city, wonderful Shonen Knife fans were waiting to see the band. Very impressed tour.

April 23rd

‘IT’S A NEW FIND’ was released.

October 22nd

remix album, ‘Ultra Mix’; Video ‘Blast Off!’ was released.


Recording for “Happy Hour” in Osaka


Mixd in Los Angeles

April 22nd

Single CD “Banana Chips” was released

June 23rd

Held an ‘Internet Live Show’ at Microsoft’s head office in Seattle, U.S.A. The show was aired to all over the world through Internet.

June 24th

Album ‘Happy Hour’ was released. (In Japan and U.S.A.)
A Book ‘Shonen Knife Land’ was published. It is a book of everything about Shonen Knife.

June ? July


August 1st



U.S. and Canada tour (15 shows.? Main act shows and support for Indigo Girls. ?Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Norfolk, Philadelphia)




Promotion and live tour in Hong Kong and Singapore


Michie Nakatani (Vocal/Bass) left the band


Atsuko switched to the Bassist from Drummer


Mastering in New York for “Strawberry Sound”
December 16th Single CD ‘all I want for christmas…….’ was released. (A collaborated CD of Shonen Knife and Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth)


February 19th

“Strawberry Sound” was released


An album of American cartoon “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Heroes and Villlains” was released. Cartoon film with Shonen Knife’s “Buttercup” song was on TV all over the world.

June 25th

Single CD “Orange Sun” was released

July 11th and 12th

“712 Day Party” shows in Tokyo and Osaka (support drummer was Mana who was supported until the end of 2004)

December 5th

All English lyrics Greatest Hits album ”MILLENNIUM EDITION” was released


Space Christmas 2001 tour in Japan


“712 Day Party” tour in Japan

July 27th

Played at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’02 in Japan

August ? December

Played shows in Japan including a show with Sleater Kinny

January, February



“712 Day Party” tour in Japan


U.S. and Canada tour (18 cities, 20 shows)


“712 Day Party” tour in Japan


“Space Christmas'04” tour in Japan

January 30th

Played in Osaka with Shins. Etsuko started to be the support drummer

February 25th- April 5th

U.S. and Canada tour (29 cities, 29 shows)

March 27

During the tour, San Jose Show became the 500th show of Shonen Knife

July 3rd

“Genki Shock” was released


“712 Day Party” tour in Japan


Western Japan tour


Played at Los Angeles, U.S. “Santa Monica Festival” and 2 shows in California. At the festival, the Knack played, too.


“Space Christmas ‘05” tour in Japan

December 31st

Played at Count Down Japan Festibal

April 5th

Joined Kurt Cobain tribute album “Last Days tribute to Mr. K” with a song “Like a Salmon” in Japan

May 24th

Etsuko, drummer, became an official member.

June 16th

The first Live album “Live in Osaka” was released Tribute album for Shonen Knife by Japanese artist “a tribute to SHONEN KNIFE Fork & Spoon” was released


“712 Day Party” Japan tour

July 5th

Greatest Hits album “Universal Hits Golden Best” was released.

July 27th

Played at “The eve of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '06” in Japan

August 4th

Played at ROCK IN JAPAN festival

August 13th

Played at SUMMER SONIC ’06 in Osaka, Japan


Space Christmas’06 tour in Japan

December 31st

Played at Count Down Japan festival


“712 Day Party” Japan tour


Western Japan Tour

October 17th

Compilation album “Rock for Baby” was released. Shonen Knife covered a song “Picnic”

November ? December

U.S. and Canada toru (21 cities, 21 shows)


Space Christmas ’07 tour in Japan

December 28th

Played at Count Down Japan festival

March 26th

Joined a tribute album for AC/DC “ Thunder Tracks” Shonen Knife covered “Who Made Who”


“712 Day Party” tour in Japan

July 19th

Naoko solo live in Tokyo (the first one)

August 16th

Played at Rising Sun Rock Festival in Hokkaido, Japan

October 2nd

Ritsuko, bassist, became an official member.