6-24 Cambridge, MA

Good morning! Recently, I want to sleep more than I eat breakfast. But I had breakfast in the hotel. おはようー!ここ最 […]

6-23 Hamden, CT

We went to an outlet mall near the hotel.  I did small shopping and had lunch. ホテル近くのアウトレットモールに寄って、ちよっとだけ買い物した […]

6-22 New York, NY

We went to Japanese market in NJ before load in. We had lunch there! 会場に行く前にニュージャージーにある日本のスーパーマーケットに寄ってお昼ご飯をそこ […]

6-21 Philadelphia, PA

Naoko and I did laundry at the hotel from 10 a.m.!   We left the hotel around 3 p.m. And drove to Philadelphia […]