Sweet Candy Power

Release Date:
June 5th 2019 RELEASE!
Japan : P-VINE
North America, Mexico, Europe & UK : Good Charamel Records
Australia & New Zealand : Valve Records

  1. Party
  2. Dizzy
  3. Sweet Candy Power
  4. My Independent Country
  5. Wave Rock
  6. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
  7. Never-Never Land
  8. Peppermint Attack
  9. California Lemon Trees
  10. Match 3


3年ぶりとなる待望のニュー・アルバム、ついに完成! キャンディ・パワー炸裂のヴァラエティに富んだ珠玉の10トラック!



The missionary of ROCK music = The quintessence of Shonen Knife!

Finally, the new album of Shonen Knife is arrived! It is the first release after 3 years. "Sweet Candy Power" consist of 10 wonderful "Candy Power" tunes which were written by Naoko with affection to ROCK music.

They approached to Hard Rock at "Overdrive" (2014) and "Adventure"(2016). This new album "Sweet Candy Power" includes not only Hard Rock but Punk, Pop, Mersey Beat, Garage, Southern Rock and etc... various kinds of ROCK music. It's a very fun album of Punk Pop taste.