6-12 Travel Day St Louis, MO

        I made waffle by myself for breakfast at the hotel.  ホテルの朝食でワッフルを自分で作りました。   […]

6-11 Lincoln,NE

Vega, today’s venue. Big and clean. 今日の会場、ベガ。大きくてきれい。 Sound check.  Jesse dose performing! ジェシー、パフォーミング中 […]

6-10 St Paul, MN

    Amsterdam Bar & Hall  Big speaker under the stage. 大きなスピーカーがステージの下に。ブンブン!   We had dinn […]

6-9 Milwaukee, WI

Left the hotel in Chicago and went to Japanese market. Our crew had lunch.  I bought bread with curry inside. […]