6-8 Day Off Chicago,IL

  There is Japanese market near the hotel! Off course went there and had Ramen noodles! Yummy! ホテルの近くに日本の […]

6-7 Chicago,IL

Finally we arrived in Chicago!   やっとこさシカゴ到着! Bottom Lounge. Big venue!  ボトムラウンジ。広い会場! I use CJ Ramone’s […]

6-6 Columbus,OH

  CJ Ramone and Shonen Knife co- headline tour has began! CJラモーンと少年ナイフのツアーの始まりー!     These are […]

6-5 Sandusky, OH

Anime convention, “Colossalcon”!   So many cosplayer!!! I was surprised! すごい数のコスプレーヤーにびっくり‼︎ […]