November 6 GALLERY OF NSW, Sydney Australia


I had pastry and coffee in the morning again. I bought a croquet yesterday but I couldn’t eat and gave it to Atsuko.

6時半にホテルを出発。Ben, Gregと我々3人とでメルボルンのタラマリン空港へ。Gregに付いてってラウンジで、サンドイッチ作って持ち帰り。

We left the hotel at 6:30. Ben, Greg and three of us drove to Tullamarine airport of Melbourne. Three of us follow Greg and entered into a lounge and I made sandwich there and took it with me.


It took an hour and a half to Sydney from Melbourne by flight.

荷物を引き取る。We received our luggage.


Christmas in Australia is in summer.


We had coffee and wait for Paul from Brisbane.

今日のホテルはとてもファンシー。一旦休憩して、徒歩で会場のArt Gallery of NSWへ。

Our hotel today is very fancy. We took a break in the room and walked to the venue, Art Gallery of NSW.


Paul, Greg and three of us carried suitcase, guitars and walked 13 minutes through steps, slopes like that.


We walked through a park. I saw a tower over there. The combination of a lawn park, a tower and Art Gallery reminds me of Tennoji in Osaka. We also have a lawn park, Tsutenkaku-Tower and Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts.

こちらがArt Gallery of NSW.


We loaded in our luggage and went to see the exhibition.

美術館では、11月2日から来年3月8日までJAPAN SUPERNATURAL という展示をしていて、その一環で私たちを呼んでもらった。

This gallery holds JAPANESE SUPERNATURAL exhibition from 2nd of November to 8th of March 2020. We were invited for this event related the exhibition.


Paul get funny when taking a photo.


河童のお面。Kappa mask.


We took a photo with organisers.


We sat up the stage after enjoyed the exhibition.


I found my strap-pin was loosen at sound check. I put some tape in the hole of the body and tighten it.


After sound check, our meal was delivered from the restaurant in the gallery.


I ordered crab linguine. It was so delicious but I had to eat quickly.

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW


We had 30 minutes talk show from 7:30. The venue was packed. Chairs were placed. We went up to the stage and talk with the host. People there applause a lot for our talking. It was great for me. Sorry my English was not fluent.

#JapanSupernatural @artgalleryofnsw
Photo: Christopher Snee, AGNSW

Live Photo by Paul

Live Photo by Paul


Our show started from 8:30 for an hour set. Chairs were moved and the audience were standing and enjoying the show. We had very good time with cheerful audience. They clapped their hands with me and smiling during the show. Thank you for your cooperation!

楽屋のケータリングはSKワイン!Shonen Knife のワイン?!そのほかアサヒスーパードライも置いてくれていた。細かいお心遣い、嬉しい。

Catering at the dressing room was SK wine! Is it Shonen Knife wine?! Asahi Super Dry was there, too. Thank you for kind selection.



We got this head band from a fan who arrived here right after our show time. He said he could come to our Sydney show.

I thank to people at the Art Gallery.

Nov 5 Day off in Melbourne Australia


Good morning! It was a day off today! It was a holiday in Melbourne. In Australia, each state has different holidays.


Today was Melbourne Cup Day. Famous horse racing.


I washed my clothes in the room and went out for dinner.


I saw people who came back from the race track. Do they have a dress code? Ladies were wearing dresses and cocktail hats. Gentlemen were wearing suits. Everyone was fashionable!


Naoko and I went to a Korean restaurant. I ate Sundubu which is spicy soft tofu stew. It was so spicy but delicious. I was full!

November 5 Off Day in Melbourne Australia



It’s a holiday for Melbourne Cup Day. Holiday for horse racing!? We are holiday, too. This is the last full one day off of this tour.

Got up in the morning and ate some bread. Washing clothes in a laundry machine, I watched Melbourne Cup on TV. The race started from 3pm. Japanese horse took part in the race. The result of the Japanese horse was the 6th.


After I decided the set list for tomorrow’s show, I went out to have dinner with Atsuko. Risa bought beef steak and she would roast it in the room.


Horse wagon for sightseeing people. It sometimes dangerous after horses passed.


Flinders Street Station.


Wagon. In Japan, human wagons are popular in sight seeing spots.

駅の内部。Inside of the station.

ロンドン の駅みたい

This reminds me of a station in London.


People who dress upped were coming from the station. They were from Horse Race Course.


It seems that there is a dress code for watching horse race. Like people should wear a hat.


We wanted to go to Ding Tai Fung but it was closed for the holiday. We went to a Sundubu, Soon Tofu restaurant. Most of all customers are Korean young people. It has a cute interior and the portion is big. I think that’s why it’s popular to young people.


Small dishes are for 2 people. Steamed rice was so tasty. Very hot Soon Tofu was good, too. I felt like I was in Korea. I’ve never been there, though.


What a cute name. Happy Lemon!


Around here is the China Town. There were some study abroad information centre for Chinese people there.


Choose fruits and you can have juice shop. There were many people in this juice bar.


Taiwanese tea shop. It looks like Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto or somewhere. There was TUJIRI cafe from Kyoto was there. It’s a green tea sweets cafe. I was so full and went back to the hotel. Then took a shower and went to bed. We should leave the hotel very early tomorrow.

Nov 4 Melbourne Australia. HOWLER


Ben from Regurgitator introduced us his friend, Bonnie who is a guitarist when we had a show in Melbourne‘s first night.  She knows Naoko and I like tennis. She made a reservation for tennis court in Melbourne Park  tennis center which is famous for Australian Open Tennis.


We walked to the tennis court about 15 minutes.


We played tennis at Show Court No.3. The pro tennis players play at this court!


Thank you so much, Bonnie! She gave us amazing experience!


It started raining after we hit balls in 20 minutes. I could hit some balls, so I was happy.


We went to the cafeteria in the Melbourne Park. Bonnie had to go to work. Thank you again!


Naoko and I joined a tour of the tennis center from 1pm.


I saw the locker room for tennis players. I couldn’t get in the biggest court which is Rod Laver Arena. Because a concert will be held the night.


This picture was made by lots pictures!


I played this court just before! I want to come back to see Australian Open Tennis someday!


And we walked to Chinatown. We had late lunch.


Xiao Long Bao again!

中華街。 Chinatown.


We went to the venue!

トップバッターは、ゴールドコーストの少年ナイフヘッドライナーライブでサポートしてくれたDICKLORD 。

Today’s first band was DICKLORD. They supported our headliner show in Gold Coast.

With vocalist from DICKLORD.


Many posters in the back room.


With visual tech, Ken. I had to say goodbye to him. Because He has another tour. Thank you very much for great visual of Shonen Knife! I like Blaze one but I don’t have pictures.

Thank you Melbourne Rock City!


November 4 HOWLWR, Melbourne Australia

昨日のケータリングのシナモンドーナツと豆乳ラテを食べ、11時15分にホテルのロビーへ。RegurgitatorのBenの友人で、ギタリストのBonnieと待ち合わせ。徒歩でAustralian National Tennis Centre へ。4年前にもここに来た!

I had cinnamon donut from yesterday’s catering and soy latte for breakfast and went to the hotel lobby to see a guitarist Bonnie who is a friend of Regurgitator. Bonnie, Atsuko and I went to Australian National Tennis Centre. I came here 4 years ago!

一昨日、ステージで私がプロテニスプレイヤーになりたいって冗談言ったら、Bonnieが夢を叶えてあげようと、プロの試合が行われるShow Court 3 のコートを予約してくれた!

I said on stage “I would like to be a pro-tennis player” on stage for just joking, Bonnie reserved Show Court 3 for us!


It was threatening to rain. We three played tennis together. Bonnie played well.


After we hit balls in 20 minutes, it started rain. We had to stop playing tennis. She was so kind to us. Thank you very much! It became my precious experience.


My tennis form look like Gorilla. In short, I have no sense of tennis. But I love tennis because I can be relaxed and it is so fun.


Rain was falling heavily. We were lucky to play tennis even 20 minutes.


After that, we had snacks and coffee at a cafe in the tennis centre. Then Bonnie went back because she had to work and will have a show tonight.


Beside the reception, there was a gym.

その後、午後1時から館内ツアーがあるというので申し込んで参加した。参加費は30オーストラリアドル 。ガイドは英語のみ。(旅行サイト風?!)

Then we joined a tour of the tennis centre from 1pm. The fee was AU$30. Language of the guide is in English only.


This is the Show Court 3 which we played. The maintenance will start from December 15th and paint the court and stand by for Australian Open Tennis tournament from the middle of January.


This is corridor to the court which players walk to the court. During the tournament, photos of champions will be decorated on the wall.



This is the reception lounge for players. For example, asking arrangement for nannies. Some players are touring with their family.


Locker room for players. High ranking players can choose numbers of the locker by their lucky number. I’m standing in front of number 217 locker. Because it the opposite of 712!


Player’s lounge.

ここでお寿司等のケータリングが出されるとのこと。ここのコートは普段はコンサート会場として使われている。わー!スコーピオンズとホワイトスネイクの2マンやるんや〜。他にLenny KravitzやLiam Gallagherのコンサートも行われるとの広告が出てた。

Catering like sushi will be served for players. this court is usually used as a concert hall. Wow! Scorpions and White Snake will play here as 2 headlining show. Other than that, I saw advertisement of Lenny Kraviz or Liam Gallagher will play.


The ground floor of Margaret Court Arena.

2階からの眺め。さっきテニスしていたShow Court 3。

The view from the 1st floor. This is Show Court 3 where we played tennis.


Melbourne arena. It used to be called Hisense but the naming sponsor quit, the name changed. Disney on Ice show is held here. The guide tour took more then 1 hour and I got tired of my legs.


On the way back to the hotel.


There were many objects.

アンテナ? Antenna?

Flinders Street Station 2年前に来たときは 確か、工事中だった。

Flinders Street Station. It was under construction when I came here 2 years ago.



Walking through these places, Atsuko and I went to China Town.


We ordered seafood lettuce. This restaurant used tablet order system.


Lemmon Chicken was used artificial colour of yellow. I think if they don’t use it, it would be more tasty.

小籠包。皮が少し厚め。遅めのランチの後、中華系パン屋さんに寄って部屋へ もどった。

Xiaolongbao. Dough was a little thick. After late lunch, we dropped at a Chinese bakery Bread Top and went back to the hotel.


We gathered at the car at 8:15pm. Ben took us a ride to the venue. This venue is in northern Melbourne, Brunswick area which is “hip” area. There are many fashionable shops for young people.


Inside of this venue is fashionable, too. The outside looks like a kind of factory.


The first band today, DICKLORD was playing when we arrived at the venue.


After their show, I took a photo with the vocalist of the band. Then we played. It was 50 minutes set. The audience seemed having a good time. Thank you for ROCKing with us.


I was watching Regurgitator show from the bar through a big window.


The end roll expressed the gratitude and thankfulness from them to Paul who mange everything for the band. He even administrate their stage costumes!


The visual tech Ken will leave this tour because he has another work. He is popular. Thank you so much, Ken. The new tech will come. We went back to the hotel after everything was finished. I ate tiny freeze dry noodles and went to bed. It was so yummy!


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