Atsuko のすべての投稿


April 30 Bedford UK 🇬🇧 Esquires (Atsuko)


Last Sunday in April, the 30th.  Hotel check-out time is 10:00, so we left at 10:00 and headed to Bedford. It was about three hours drive. After we arrived at Bedford we went looking for a restaurant that served Sunday roast for lunch.


Risa was excited to eat her first Sunday roast.


I’ve had the Sunday roast before, so I ordered the sautéed sea bass, which looked delicious online. It was delicious and just the right amount for me.


After the meal, we still had some time before the venue, so we went to a huge supermarket to buy some souvenirs.


Today’s venue,  ESQUIRES.


I have a guitar stand, not a walking stick.


The main stage is up the stairs, on the floor where Sid & Nancy are.


So many tapes on the floor. Can I find mine?


Dinner was Indian food for the first time this tour! We shared Papad.  And I had butter chicken curry and basmati rice.

Many people came to see Shonen Knife show! Thank you very much!!

今日でお別れのTHE KUTと。サポートありがとう!

Today we say goodbye to The Kut.  Thanks for the support!


Drive to London after the concert. Check in at the hotel and have a good night.

April 29 Bristol UK 🇬🇧 Exchange (Atsuko)


Many hotels in England have a check-out time of 12:00 p.m., which is helpful so that there is no rush in the morning. At a service area on the way, I ate McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish for the first time.


Arrived at the venue, EXCHANGE in Bristol. The bar is in the front and the live music venue is in the back. I was so busy that I forgot to take a picture of the inside.


After sound check, Naoko and I went dinner hunting. Risa and Kenkichi went to Japanese sushi chain restaurant “itsu “.  I wanted to eat something warm. I’m usually thinking what I want to eat is  “ Nabeyaki udon noodles”. But I can’t find it. Maybe until Japan.


Today is Saturday, the first day of a three-day weekend, as Monday, May 1, also seems to be a holiday, so the mall was crowded with young people. Popular restaurants are not open unless you have a reservation. We entered a Japanese fusion restaurant after wandering around and looking for it. The wagyu beef bao was very tasty.


Went back to the venue and prepared for the show. And our turn. Another sold-out show tonight! I’m very happy. Everyone was singing and dancing and looks like they were having fun, which gave me power.

イギリスツアーの8カ所をサポートしてくれたTHE KUTのメンバーと。

With members of THE KUT, who supported us on 8 stops of our UK tour.

Thank you Bristol!!!

April 28 Manchester UK 🇬🇧 Night & Day Cafe (Atsuko)


We checked out the hotel and drove a while. We had lunch. It was the first time to go “wagamama” restaurant. I ate chicken cutlet curry.


I went into the venue, folded the T-shirts we had ordered extra, and did a sound check.


For dinner, we went to Shoryu Ramen where we came last time. Gyoza and Ramen were delicious!


When I returned from the ramen restaurant, there was a long line at the entrance!


Ready to Rock!


Another sold out show today. Thank you very much!!


After the show, with the members of support band.

April 27 Birmingham UK 🇬🇧 Hare & Hounds (Atsuko)

The hotel we stayed at had an interesting windowless room, which gave me a strange feeling because the morning sun did not enter the room. Left the hotel at noon and went to Birmingham. We arrived in Birmingham and had lunch. I ate Bibimbap. It was delicious.

The second floor is the venue. The staffs helped loading our gears. Thanks a lot.

The promoter prepared dinner.

Thank you for the many people who came to see us today. We played full power! It was a fun night!

April 26 Cardiff UK 🇬🇧 The Moon (Atsuko)

This is a recent hit. 

I bought tortilla sandwich at a gas station and ate it in the van.

カーディフの会場、THE MOON。この日は道が歩行者天国になってて車で近くまで行くのが大変でした。
The venue in Cardiff, The Moon. On this day, the streets were pedestrianized and it was difficult to drive close to the venue.

The yellow drum kit with Risa. Low ceiling and deformed place.

Dinner hunting. There was a big castle!!

Naoko went to a pizzeria. Risa and I went to a steak house! We shared meat plate.

今日はThe Kut 登場。
The Kut.

Our turn! It was a sold out show tonight! Thank you very much!

Thank you Cardiff!! I had a great time!