October 19 THE GOV, Adelaide Australia.


I got up in the morning around 7am and slept again. I finally got up at 11am I was wondering what time were we going to leave the hotel. We will play at the same venue with yesterday so it might no earlier than 4pm. Anyway, we went to have lunch.


We went to a Chinese-Japanese restaurant near by the hotel. I had lunch special which I could choose 3 dishes. I picked up salmon Shio Yaki. It was very thin and smaller than the photo of the menu. It tasted good, though.

豆腐サラダ。Tofu Salad.

鳥の唐揚げ。おいしいし、ボリュームたっぷり。Chicken Karaage. This was enough portion and tasted good.

昼ごはん食べてホテルに戻ったら6時に会場入りとの連絡有り。テレサが迎えに来てくれて会場へ。楽屋にてTHE FAUBESの面々と記念撮影。みんな気さく。

After lunch we came back to the hotel and got an information that we would leave the hotel at 6pm. Then Teresa came to the hotel to pick us up and loaded in to the venue. We took a photo with THE FAUBES. They are friendly.


I ordered mushroom pizza from the venue restaurant menu for dinner. I ate half and brought back to the hotel another half. It was yum.

会場内。Inside of the venue.

会場内。Inside of the venue.



Merch stand. It’s popular to the audience.

The Fauvesが最初に演奏。ハーモニーがきれい。

The Fauves played at the opening. Beautiful harmony.


その後リガージテイターがライブ。明日はタスマニアヘア移動とライブがあるので、その間に、機材を片付けて、一足先にThe Fauvesのアンドリューの運転でホテルへ帰った。皆さんお疲れさまでした!

Then our show time had started. We had no sound check today. I had electric shock through the microphone but it got a little better than yesterday. I tried to sing not touching on the microphone. Is it caused by repairing the electric breaker at the venue? The reaction of the audience was good and our show finished safely. Thank you for coming!

Then Regurgitator played. We had to travel to Hobart, Tasmania tomorrow and we loaded out from the venue during their show. Andrew from The Fauves drove us back to the hotel. Thanks everyone!