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2023年8月19日(土)和歌山CLUB GATE

Saturday, August 19th 2023
Live at CLUB GATE Wakayama City, Japan
和歌山CLUB GATEにて行われた「ロレルコナイト」に出演しました。


I made special goods for this show. This character named “Tanuki Neko” but the name is temporary name. I’m thinking more good name now. Anyway, Wakayama is famous for tasty plum UMEBOSHI. I drew pictures first.

型にはめてバッジにします。Then make them to buttons.


袋に詰めて完成!Put in a bag and finished!

当日は午前11時から12時までスタジオに入ってリハーサルをしました。本日のベースはなるちゃん。なるちゃんとライブするのは去年の12月のSpace Adventure以来です。

We rehearsed from 11am to 12pm at a studio in Osaka. Our bassist for this show is Naru. It became the first time to play with her since “Space Adventure” shows in December 2022.

その時のブログ↓ My blog at that time↓


When I look at pictures on my blog, it was only 8 months ago but I feel a lot of time have passed.


After finishing rehearsal, we drove to Wakayama City. We had lunch at Izumiotsu Driver’s Cafe. I had Kitsune Udon noodles. It was good with sweetie tasty deep fried tofu.

紀ノ川を渡るところ。 Crossing the Kinokawa river.

ほどなく和歌山CLUB GATEに到着!大変きれいで快適な会場です。

Arrived at CLUB GATE Wakayama after a moment! It is a clean and comfortable venue.

機材を搬入してサウンドチェックとグッズコーナー設営を済ませて本番まで3時間余り。外は猛烈な暑さのため、楽屋でメンバーと歓談していました。そして本番!4年ぶりに演奏する「Dizzy」、緊張した!最後は「Giant Kitty」で燃焼して無事30分のライブが終了しました。来て下さった方々に感謝します。ありがとう!!


We loaded in and finished soundcheck and setting the merch table. Still there are more than 3 hours spare time until the show time. We were staying at the dressing room and chatted because it was very hot outside. Then show time! I got a bit nervous to play our song Dizzy because it was the  first time to play after 4 years. For the last song for the set list, we played our Hard Rock style song Giant Kitty and the audience got excited with that song. I was happy to play and thank you for coming to the show!!

Also I thank to Ms. Roreruko-san who organized this event. Thank you so much! All other bands played well and it was a great event.

Live photos by MICHI @michicamera_Photo


MICHI @michicamera_Photo

MICHI @michicamera_Photo


I autographed on the wall at the venue.


After finished the show, Risa and Naru went back to Osaka earlier than me by train. I went to eat Wakayama Ramen after the event finished and loaded out. Wakayama is famous for its unique style Ramen noodles. There are not so many Ramen restaurant which open till late but this one opens.


It was so delicious with thin noodles in a thick but gentle say sauce Tonkotsu flavored soup.



I bought Umeboshi pickled plum at Kinokawa Driver’s Cafe on the way home.

Beer after show is the best!


Our next show will be held on October 8th. It is a Rock, Beer and delicious food event called BAKUON Fest at Ibaraki City, Osdaka. It is a free concert. Please come and enjoy tasty beer and music!

2023年7月9日(日)大阪 心斎橋 ANIMA

Sunday, July 9th 2023 “712 Day Party 2023” Japan tour final at Shinsaibashi ANIMA, Osaka.


After making and eating fried rice at home,


Arrived at the venue in the afternoon.


Naru came to take care of our merch table. Thanks, Naru.


And our super duper photographer Tomoko Ota who takes our live pictures came. Thank you Tomoko.


We prepared for the show at the comfortable dressing room and the show time came. I’ll up Tomoko’s live pictures now.

はじまった!Our show started!




Hey, hey!

Rock, rock, rock!

Thanks everyone!

アンコールに、わたしたちのロックンロールTシャツ、「712Day Party 2023 Tシャツ」を着用しました。

We wore our Rock’n’roll T-shirt, “712 Day 2023 T-shirt” for the encore.

live pictures by Tomoko Ota

アルバム「Our Best Place」リリース後、初めの、そして、3月と4月、9週間に及ぶヨーロッパ・英国ツアー後、初めての国内ツアーが無事に終わりました。今年は、高知・岡山・東京・名古屋・大阪の5都市。見に来て下さった方々に感謝いたします。ありがとうございました!




This domestic tour is the first one after the release of our latest album “Our Best Place” and the first one after 9 weeks EU/UK tour in March and April. I was so happy to finish successfully. Thank you for coming to Kochi, Okayama, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka shows.

I love music live shows. I hope to go to more cities in Japan in the future if possible.

Next shows are August 19th in Wakayama city and October 8th in Ibaraki city, Osaka. I can’t wait to see you there!

2023年7月2日(日)名古屋 CLUB UPSET

Sunday, July 2, 2023  at Club UPSET, Nagoya JAPAN


After eating breakfast, we drove to Nagoya.


It was a nice weather. I could see Mt. Fuji beautifully.


We took a break at Surugawan-Numadu Driver’s Cafe.


Mt. Fuji shaped Baumkuchen were sold. Looks so delicious I would like to try to eat all.


I could see Suruga Bay from the back of the Driver’s Cafe.


We drove 2 hours more and had lunch at Toyota-Kamigo Driver’s Cafe. I ordered miso taste ground chicken Don. It was so good.


There were a Hello Kitty’s popcorn’s machine.

そこからまた車は走り、名古屋の会場、CLUB UPSETへ到着。

Driving more and arrived at the venue in Nagoya, CLUB UPSET>

搬入、サウンドチェック、グッズコーナー設営といつものルーティンをこなします。この日は、東京でTシャツのほとんどが売り切れてしまい、グッズコーナーはほとんど並べるものがなくなってしまいました。えらいこっちゃ。名古屋のお客様、すみませんでした。後日、Tシャツ入荷後Shonen Knife WEB SHOPの方にアクセスしてくださった方もたくさんおられてうれしかったです。ありがとうございました。

We did load in, soundcheck and setting up the merch table as usual. Most of all T-shirts were sold in Tokyo. There were mostly nothing to sell in Nagoya. Oh, no! I was sorry for the audience in Nagoya but I was glad that some people accessed to our official WEB SHOP. Thank you so much.


We prepared for the show at the dressing room. The dressing room at UPSET was so comfortable which has tatami space and dress changing booth. We could charge our energy there and could have an energetic performance. Thank you for coming to our show. I also thank to staff at the venue.






After show, I bought pork cutlet sandwich at a convenience store and drove back to Osaka.

The day after the show I ate the gorgeous Una-Don from a gentleman. It was very delicious and I was so happy. I love Unagi. Thank you so much.


2023年7月1日(土)東京 新代田FEVER

Saturday, July 1 Shindaita FEVER, Tokyo


I had breakfast at a hotel in Shinjuku and walked around the neighbors.


There are many people and many buildings in The Mega City Tokyo.


It’s a lively Asian city.


I had lunch at a Soba noodle restaurant at an underground shopping mall. Soba in Tokyo was delicious.


Went through Isetan Department Store which sells expensive trend clothes. I don’t wear such clothes but when I see them, it inspires me and I think I would like to wear a cool clothes.


Went back to the hotel once and drove to the venue. After we finished load in, sound check and setting our merch table as usual, then show time! I took a pictures just before the show start.



We could have a very good time during our show with our audience from all over the world. Thank you for coming to our show!



Hey, ho!

高知、岡山に続いて新作「Our Best Place」からの曲も演奏しました。お楽しみいただいておれば幸いです。

We played songs from our brand new album “Our Best Place” same as Kochi and Okayama shows. I hope the audience like them.

終演後、グッズコーナーのお手伝いを頂いたチームpapalionのみんなと、Mexicable Standard堀川氏と記念撮影。みなさん、お疲れさまでした。明日は名古屋!

After show, we took a picture with the team papalion and Mr. Horikawa from Mexicable Standard. Thanks everyone. Nagoya tomorrow!



2023年6月30日(金)712 Day 2023 大阪から東京へ


Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour is finally starting!



We left Osaka at 10am and drove to Tokyo and took a brake at Suzuka Driver’s cafe. It was raining.


Then we had lunch at Okazaki Driver’s cafe.


I ordered Kamaage Shirasu and Negitoro Bowl a kind of see food poke don. It was so delicious.


Okazaki city is the birthplace of my favorite illustrator Rune Naito.


Cute rice balls were sold there. These looks works of art for me.



We had a bit of traffic jam but arrived at Tokyo safely. After checking in a hotel in Shinjuku, we had dinner with “papalion” team. They support us a lot. They manage this web site as “Toranoko-ya” and help our shows. They are like our family and so reliable.

Tokyo show tomorrow!