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October 24th, Travel Day from Tokyo to Osaka

10月24日(月)東京から大阪へ 移動日


We stayed the same hotel for 2 nights. Dressing and one piece of bread are bit different from yesterday’s. This was good.


We checked out at 10am and drove to Osaka. Photo is canelé which I got and ate yesterday. Yum!


We drove through a bit of traffic jam and arrived at Nagashinoshitaragahara Parking Area drive’s cafe.


We had lunch here. I ate “katsu curry” pork cutlet curry and rice. I also ate miso katsu when I go to Tokyo the day before yesterday and today, katsu curry. I don’t know why but I just wanted to eat “katsu”. Anyway, I always like “katsu”, though.


I walk up to observatory at the driver’s stop.


I saw Naru and Risa are talking.


Burning Farm?!

その他の写真。Other photos.




Driving and driving, our car came to Osaka Rock City!



大阪は、12月18日(日)なんば mele

東京は、12月24日(土)秋葉原 Club Goodman

ゲストに今注目のヤングガールズ3ピースバンド、Junky 58%をお迎えして開催いたします。ぜひ、お越しください。


Thanks everyone!

We will have 2 more shows this year.

December 18th at Namba Mele, Osaka

December 24th at Akihabara Club Goodman, Tokyo

Girl’s 3 piece band Junky 58% will support us. Come and rock!

Shonen Knife will go to EU/UK tour 2023 spring. Don’t miss it!



October 23rd POP or DIE at Shimokitazawa Club Que, Tokyo

10月23日(日)POP or DIE 下北沢 Club Que

今日のイベントはこちら。Today’s poster.


I got up in the morning and had breakfast at our hotel. Banana was so delicious.




I had spare time until load in and  took a walk around Shinjuku area. 

I ate spaghetti bolognese for lunch. I think it is always tasty all over the world. Of course this one was delicious.


コーヒーも。I had a cup of coffee, too.


We drove to the venue in Shimokitazawa from Shinjuku. I heard that Shimokitazawa train station of Odakyu line moved to underground from ground-level. Around the station was developed and became modern. The town was crowded by young people. It is Tokyo. Young people all over Japan gather to Tokyo.

こちら、下北沢Club Queです。

Here is the venue Shimokitazawa Club Que.

こちら、下北沢Club Queです。

Here is the venue Shimokitazawa Club Que.

まずはサウンドチェック。今日は私が大好きなJudas PriestのTシャツで。ギターを掴んでいるみたいでおもしろい。

First, soundcheck. I wore my fave Judas Priest’s Rock’n’roll T-shirt. It looks like that a hand is trying to hold my guitar.

サウンドチェックには、Buffalo Daughterのシュガー吉永さんがこられてて、いっしょに写真撮りました。シュガーさんと今日、ロリータ18号でドラムを叩く吉村由加さんはMetalchicksというバンドもしておられますが、テニスもやっているそうで、いつか、私とあつこの少年ナイフチームとテニス対戦やろうということになっています。

Sugar Yoshinaga from Buffalo Daughter came to here and we took a photo with her. Yuka Yoshimura who will play the drums for Lolita No. 18 and she is foming a band called Metalchicks with her. They play tennis like me. I would like to have tennis matches which is Metalchicks vs Shonen Knife of Atsuko and me someday.


Anyway, I sat up the merch table and then all members of Shonen Knife went to eat dinner.


Other than me ate regular dinner but I was not hungry, I ate a piece of cheese case. Yum, yum.

さぁ、ショータイムの始まり。The show begins!

Go-Bang’s 森若香織さん with FOE が最初に演奏。10年以上前かなぁ、森若さんがDJをしておられたNHK-FMの番組にゲストとしてお招きいただいたのが、私と森若さんの最初の出会い。その後、いっしょにライブする機会が一度あって、今回が2回目です。いつもお美しい。

The first band is Kaori Moriwaka’s Go-Bangs with FOE. I first met Kaori more than 10 years ago at NHK-FM radio station. She hosted a radio program and I was invited as a guest. After that, we had chance to play a show together. This is the second time to play with the band. She is always beautiful.

FOEのアイゴンには、私のかかわったCM曲で1999年リリースの「飲茶楼で、めちゃうまかろう」で編曲およびギターを演奏してもらいました。お会いするのはそれ以来かも。全然お変わりなく敬服いたします。FOEのドラム、小松くんは、bloodthirsty butchers のドラマー。butchersと少年ナイフは当時レコード会社のレーベルメイトで、対バンも何度かさせてもらいました。現在、他にもいろんなバンドで活躍中。すばらしい。

Aigon from FOE have ever produced my song “Yamucharou de mecha Umakarou” which is written for a commercial of bottled jasmine tea. The single CD was released 1999. He also played the guitar for the song. It might be the first time to see him since then?! He never get ages. The drummer of FOE is Masahiro Komatsu. His former band bloodthirsty butchers was our label mates. We have ever  played together several times. He is playing at some other bands and plays very well.

2番目に少年ナイフが演奏。The second player was Shonen Knife.


Head banging!


Wow, wow.


Hey, hey!


Thank you everyone!

live photos by Atsushi Shibata


The third band was Lolita No. 18. They supported Shonen Knife when we were invited to an event at Housei University more than 30 years ago. They were a student at the university. Now only Masayo remains as an original member. She continuing punk over 30 years. It is great. She is also beautiful.

アンコールは出演者みんな登場!Encore! Everyone came up on stage.

ロリータ18号は、Hey Ho Let’s Go!ではなくてYes, Punk Rock, call with me!のプラカード。

Lolita No. 18’s  placard is not “Hey Ho Let’s Go” but “Yes, Punk Rock, call with me”.

撮影大会。Say cheese!

Many audience are taking photos.

Thank you so much for coming today!




October 22nd, Travel Day from Osaka to Tokyo

10月22日(土) 移動日。大阪から東京へ。


We left Osaka at 11am. This photo was taken around Aichi prefecture.


We had lunch at Kariya driver’s cafe. I ordered Miso Katsu don which is one of popular local food around this area. It was yummy!


A Ferris wheel at Kariya Service Area.



There are many park rides there. Everyone can enter here from outside of toll highway. It was Saturday and there were many families.

ハロウィンの飾り付け。Halloween decorations.



Classic style merry go round was there.


We drove more and entered to Shizuoka prefecture. We can see Mt. Fuji well.

大きい!きれい。Great! Beautiful!

富士山!Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

だんだん夕方になってきた。A bit getting dark.



We arrived at Tokyo safely around 7pm and went to have dinner close to our hotel.



We had dinner with “team papalion” who supports us for our official website and our shows. 
Our show tomorrow! 


October 8, 2022 Namba Bears, Osaka

10月8日(土) 大阪・なんばBEARS アルバム「Pretty Little Baka Guy 」再現ライブ

Saturday, October 8th   Playing all songs of the  album “Pretty Little Baka Guy” show at Namba BEARS, Osaka.

家を出る前、昼食は前日に仕込んでおいた、そぼろ豆腐。甘みそ味でご飯に合います。2度目収穫の豆苗も加えて。 今日は珍しく電車で会場へ向かいます。ギターを背負って、バッグは小型スーツケース、通称コロコロで。

I had miso flavored ground beef tofu which I made the day before for lunch at home before I go to the venue. Sweet miso taste is good match with steamed rice. I put bean sprouts which I grew.

I went to the venue by train. I carried my guitar on my back and drew  a suits case.

会場のなんばBEARS到着。BEARSでライブするのめちゃくちゃ久しぶりじゃないかなぁ。 今回のライブは、「花形文化通信」のサイト内でBEARSについてのインタビュー記事「ベアーズクロニクル」に連動したイベントです。

I arrived at Namba BEARS. I’m sure that it was the first time to play here after a long time. This event is presented by a website “Hanagata Bunka Tsushin” which uploads interviews regarding the charismatic music club BEARS called “BEARS chronicle”.


After all members of Shonen Knife came to the venue, we did sound check. Naru plays the bass for today.


I used to use Aria Pro2 of Rickenbacker model guitar. I used genuine Rickenbacker for today’s show because I sold my old Aria Pro2 guitar.

「Pretty Little Baka Guy 」再現ライブという事で、当時使用していたエフェクトペダルをクローゼットの奥から引っ張り出してきた。接点回復剤で蘇生!

I got my old effect pedals from deep inside my closet. It had noise but recovered by electrical contact cleaner.


Today’s sound woman is Ms. Yasuumi. She worked at a legendary music club in Osaka, EGGPLANT and BEARS from 80’s.


After soundcheck, we went to a soba noodle restaurant for dinner. This kind of food is good for me before shows. It was yummy. Naru also chose the same one.


I bought a guitar cable at a music instrument shop before dinner. Funny Takoyaki guitar was displayed at the shop. Naru also took the same picture. I noticed it later.


I went back to the venue once but the venue was so packed and there was no space to enter. I decided to spend time at a cafe nearby. I ordered tall size caffeine less coffee because I can’t sleep at night if I take caffeine. I wanted to have small size but they only had tall size for caffeine less. The big cup reminds me of US tour.

会場に戻って10月23日東京秋葉原グッドマンのライブ告知ビデオを撮影した後、ショータイム!会場は足の踏み場もない賑わい様!ありがとう! 80年代後半のライブを再現するという観点から、オープニングSEは無し。BGMからいきなりドラムのカウントを始める事にしました。1曲目のがんばれバイソンから最後のカッパエキスまで全10曲、とても楽しく演奏できました。

Then I came back to the venue and  we took a commercial video for the next show, October 23rd at Akihabara CLUB GOODMAN, Tokyo. Then our show time started! There were so many audience at the venue. Thank you so much for coming! We didn’t use intro music when we went up to the stage because we didn’t used it in early 80’s.  Risa counted by her sticks and the show started. I enjoyed to play our early album songs.

アンコールに少年ナイフのファーストカセットアルバム「みんな楽しく少年ナイフ」から、「鶴の一声」という曲をパフォーマンスしました。事前の打ち合わせでは、ボーカルにディレイをかけてもらうはずが、手違いでかからず、私が人間ディレイをかけた一幕も。こちらはご愛嬌という事で。 お客さんにも楽しんでいただけていると嬉しいです。遠方からも見に来てくださった方々も多数。見に来てくださったみなさんに感謝致します。ありがとうございました! 終演後山本精一さんと少し歓談させて頂いた後、帰路につきました。精一さん、ガンジーさんと記念撮影するのを忘れて残念! お二人とも30年来のお知り合いなので。

ちなみに本日の共演は、ガンジー石原さんが弾き語り、TRAはR&Rハードロック、山本精一さんは、山本精一と予祝という名義で1人でエフェクターを羅列させてでかい音でギターを奏でておられました。それぞれに個性があって面白いイベントだったと思います。出演の皆さんもお疲れ様でした。 次はのライブは東京秋葉原!お楽しみに!

For the encore, we performed a song “Tsuru-no-hitokoe” from our very first cassette album, Minna Tanoshiku Shonen Knife. This song is 10 seconds long. I ordered to put delay on my vocal but the effect delay didn’t work so I sang like delay. It calls Human Delay. Anyway I hope our audience liked it. Some people came from far away cities. Thank you everyone. After show, I talked with Seiichi Yamamoto a bit and went home. I forgot to take a picture with Seiichi and Gandhi-san. Yikes! We knew each other over 30 years!

I’d like to write about other performer tonight. Gandhi Ishihara who is a solo singer with acoustic guitar. TRA played Rock’n’ roll Hard Rock. Seiichi Yamamoto made a loud noise with many effect pedals and a guitar. Every performer had each character and the event was so fun. Akihabara next. See you there!

September 3rd, 2022 Sakai Fandango, Osaka



It was a “Girl’s band” event. Other than Shonen Knife, Tsushimamire, Lolita No. 18, Anoko-wa Wombat played there.


Today’s show is held in our hometown Osaka. I had lunch at home. I ate keema curry which I made yesterday. Yum!


We arrived at today’s venue Sakai Fandango. They used to be in the north part of Osaka city until the end of 2019. Now they moved to Sakai city which is south to Osaka city since 2020.



Inside of the venue. It’s brand new and clean.

サウンドチェックとグッズコーナーの設営を終えて、早めの晩御飯を食べに会場近隣の商業施設「Plat Plat」へメンバーとスタッフで行きました。

We finished sound check and setting the merch table and all members and our crew went to had early dinner to a shopping mall “Plat Plat” which is close to the venue.


We played at Fandango last time was December 2019. I had dinner at the same restaurant as the last time. It was delicious as usual!!

Space Adventure 2019 大阪編 堺ファンダンゴ

夕食後、わたしはコーヒーを買って、広場で飲んでいました。そしたら、猛烈な蚊の襲撃にあって30か所ぐらい刺されてしまいました。近くに疎水があるから蚊が多いのか!油断してた!虫刺されの薬も持参していたので、何とか持ちこたえましたが、ほんまに堪忍してほしい。わたしは、蚊によく刺されるので、Peppermint AttackとかMosquitostosとか、蚊にまつわる曲も2曲書いております。

I took a seat at a square in front of  the mall and had a cup of coffee after dinner. Then I got more than 30 mosquitoes bites! I was careless! I had ointment for mosquito bite with me and I was safe. Anyway, I hate mosquitos. They like me, though. I’ve ever wrote songs about mosquitos “Peppermint Attack” and “Mosquitos”.


A monument on the side of the square. Indirect selfie!


When I went back to the venue, Lolita No. 18 was started to play. I missed to see Anoko-wa Wombat. Members of Lolita No. 18 are punkish beautiful ladies. I met then more than 30years ago when we played at Hosei University Gakkan Hall. Since then we played together several times.

そしていよいよ我々の出番!ライブの写真は、我らがスーパーフォトグラファー、太田智子さん。712 Day Party 2022のジャパンツアーが終わり、オリジナルメンバーのあつこさんがアメリカに帰国、本日のライブはMsリッケンバッカー、なるちゃんがベースです。

It’s our showtime! Live photos were taken by our official super photographer Tomoko Ota. Our original member Atsuko went back to Los Angeles after 712 Day Party 2022 Japan Tour, Naru the Ms Rickenbacker played the bass for this show.



Hey, hey!


Ready to jump!

Sing, sing, sing.


Head banging.


Thanks everyone!

Live photos by Tomoko Ota


Then Tsushimamire started to play. They played as cute voice with groovy performance.


The show finished and took a photo with every band. You did great job!

左から、つしまみれ まりさん、わたし、ロリータ18号 マサヨさん。それぞれバンド結成23年、40年、33年!続けることがロックだと思う。


Left to right, Mari from Tsushimamire, me, Masayo from Lolita No. 18. Each person is continuing the band 23 years, 40 years and 33 years!!! Keep going is “ROCK”! Keep on rockin’!

Thank you for coming to the show! I’m supported by our fans. Thanks a lot!


I got hungry when I arrived at home and made egg and cabbage Okonomiyaki pancake. Next to the venue was an Okonomiyaki restaurant which looked yummy. I wanted to eat it but no time and I made it by myself. It was delicious.


I got my portrait made by beads from our fan. It is so beautiful and dense! Thank you so much!


Our next shows are in Osaka and Tokyo in October. Come and rock!