July 30th Detroit, MI

7月30日(月) Detroit, Mi “Lager House”


We drove 9 hours and arrived to Detroit.  Today’s venue, “Lager House”.


Double XL of our tour T-shirt is like this.


I ate shrimp po-boy sandwich for dinner at the venue.  Delicious!

みんなで記念撮影。White Mysteryの姉弟、エイミーちゃんのバンド、Amy Gore and her Valentine’sのみなさんです。

White Mystery, Amy Gore and her Valentine’s and me.


Amy’s performance.  I’ve ever toured with her.

そして、夜は更けていったのであった。 ホテルに着いたら夜中の3時だった。


After show, at night.  We arrived at hotel around 3:00 a.m.

Many people came to our show.  The audience in Detroit were friendly and powerful.  We had a very good time.  Thank you.