August 14th, Tucson, AZ

8月14日(火) Tucson, AZ “Club Congress”


From San Diego to Tucson, Arizona.  It was unusually very hot as more than 100 F.  If I was put away in the desert, I can’t survive.  Photo of the border of Mexico, stone mountain and desert.


At a gas station.  There were colorful rainbow jellies and tons of jerky.


This photo is a checkpoint.  In crazy heat, an officer inspected.  Of course, we had no problem.  Frozen lemonade tasted so good.


Unique shaped mountains and giant cactus.


Stage in Club Congress.  Upstairs is a hotel which we stayed.  It’s very convenient.  This hotel is built in 1919 and it reminds me of European hotel.




We had a dinner at a restaurant in hotel.  I ate rigatoni pasta which is with smoked chicken breast and tomato in Alfred sauce.  It was very good taste.

Last time we came here was 2009.  It was the first show after 3 years.  Full of audience were rocking and smiling.  There was a great vibe.  Thank you very much!

One more photo is at a front desk on the next day.  Going to Texas!