712 Day Party 2013 Nagoya

7月13日(土) 名古屋

Saturday, July 13th Nagoya



Nagoya is famous for a beautiful castle called “Nagoya Jo”.


We usually eat Unadon, a howl of teriyaki taste broiled eel and steamed rice, in Nagoya before shows. For this time, we tried to eat Ankake Pasta, Italian pasta with soup thickened with kudzu but the traffic jam was happening and we had no time to go to Ankake Pasta restaurant.  Next time…



After we arrived at the venue, we could do sound check efficiently because it was the 2nd day of the tour.  For the show, there was a lot of cool Nagoya Rock audience.  Thank you very much for coming, thank you Nagoya Rock City!!!



Tairou and Eddie from Genbaku Onaniizu.  We’ll play at Juso-Fandango, Osaka in October with them.  One more band “Gezan” will play there, too.  Come and Rock!!


After show, we went to a Chinese restaurant.  I wanted to eat very hot taste Ramen noodles but I didn’t eat so much because it was a day before Tokyo show.  But it was tasty.  They serve their original menu.  It reminds me of Xin jiang Uygur restaurant in Shanghai.  There are so many tasty foods in Nagoya.