712 Day Party 2013 Tokyo

7月14日(日) 渋谷O-nest

Sunday, July 14th at Shibuya O-nest

じゃじゃーん、東京。  Tokyo, yeah!

名古屋から車で移動。 Drive from Nagoya to Tokyo.


There was a swallow’s nest at a service area.


Arrived at O-nest, Shibuya.


The show was  successfully packed.  There were many audience from faraway countries.  I was very glad.  Thank you very much!!!  You guys Rock, you are the Best!  Thanks to you, we could play well.


The next day, I ate cold noodles at a service area.  Shrimps taste good.  Passing through loop di loop, we came back home.  Our 3 days one-man show with 24 songs were over safely.  Continue to Okayama Rock City.