2 shows in August, AyaCon and BBQ at Windmill


August 14th, Wednesday  Fly to London


We used Cathy Pacific Airlines for this time. It was a Japanese summer holiday week.


In-flight meals. Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream was served.

8月14日に到着して、同日到着、15日は電話インタビューをして、スタジオでリハーサル。終わってからみんなでパブで夕食。わたしはライブ前日に着きノンアルコール。昨年、英国とアイルランドを一緒にツアーした、Small Gangのメンバーも合流した。

Arrived on 14th.  On 15th, I did a phone interview and went to a studio.  We rehearsed there.  After rehearsal, we went to a pub to eat dinner. Members from Small Gang who toured with us last year in UK and Ireland joined.

8月16日(金)AyaCon     ワーウイック大学アートセンターにて 「コスプレイヤーがいっぱい!」

August 16th, Friday     AyaCon at Warwick Arts Centre  So many cos-players!



This is Warwick University near Coventry. Beautiful campus.


Many people came to our show!

この日、初めて新しいギター、ARIA DM-01です。いい音しています。そして、形がちょっとレトロでカッコいい。すてきなギターです。

I used this brand new guitar, ARIA DM-01. It has great sound and the body shape is retro-cute.  I love it.



After show, I took a picture with a cos-player.  Everybody wore cute costumes.  I enjoyed a lot.  Thanks for inviting us to a great festival.

8月17日(土)BBQ live at Windmill, London


The next morning, we went to London by this car. When we came here, we had heavy traffic jam but we could go back to London smoothly.

会場のBrixtonにある、「Windmill」に到着、衣装の「甚平」に着替えて記念撮影。この日のライブは「BBQ Live」。我々がバーベキューをお客さんにサーブして、そして、ライブセットは食べ物の歌ばかりで固めるという趣向。サポートアクトには、我々のロンドンのレーベル、damnably関連のバンド総出演。damnably祭り。日本で言う「何とか祭り」(何とかは、レーベルの名前です)みたいなもんか。


Arrived at “Windmill” in Brixton. Wearing “Jinbei”, we took a picture.  The show was “BBQ live”. We serve BBQ to the guests and live set are all food songs. Most of all bands from our UK label in London, damnably played together including Small Gang and Former Utopia.

I bought the costumes “Jinbei” through mail order in Japan. I had no time to go to Namba, the downtown Osaka to go shopping. I explained about “Jimbei” on stage to the audience. “It’s like pajamas but it’s popular to children and teenagers.  They go to summer festivals, wearing Jimbei. We are adult, though.”  Everybody there were laughing.  I like Jimbei.  It’s comfortable to wear.


Now serving BBQ.


Looks yummy!


Balcony dog, “Smell so nice.”


The show was packed.  Guests can choose 2 from hamburg, chicken or sausage.  We served them and helped themselves to the potatoes, salads and breads.


Finished serving and finally it was our turn to eat!  We were so happy.

思い思いのセレクションで。Everyone chose their favours.



By the way, we’ll go to UK/Europe tomorrow and have one month tour.  Please see our “Live” schedule.  I hope to see you somewhere in UK and Europe.


Then our set list were all food songs. For the encore, we played “Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner’s Theme” because we have to clean dishes with this after using dishes.  The audience were smiling and I was very happy, too.  Thanks everybody!

Food song set:

1. Banana Chips

2. Cookie Day

3. Flying Jelly Attack

4. Rock’n’roll Cake

5. Gyoza

6. I wanna eat Choco bars

7. Fruits Loop Dreams

8. Blue Oyster Cult

9. Ice Cream City

10. Brown Mushrooms

11. Sushi Bar Song

12. BBQ Party

13. Tomato Head

14. Buttercup

15. All you can eat

For the encore, Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner’s Theme