UK/Eire Tour arrival on April 10 ~ April 12



Our new drummer Risa and I depart from Osaka Kansai airport to Lindon Heathrow via Incheon this time on April 10. 

I wanted to order Chicken for the flight meal but it was out of order. I ate this Korean style dinner. It was good. Wrap meat and rice by various leaves. 


We arrived at Heathrow safely and met Atsuko who was from Los Angeles. All of us went to a hotel in the city. It was late at night. I had bit of red wine and went to bed. 


April 11, I did some tasks for the band. Change strings, bank transfer and etc. three of us went to a mall near the hotel and had lunch. I had wonton noodles. 

夜は我々のレーベル、Damnably のジャニスとジョージに美味しくておしゃれなBBQなお店に連れてもらいました。近年イギリスでは、お酒だけ飲む伝統的パブが減ってきてレストランパブが増えてきたというお話など聞きました。

Janice and George from our UK label Damnably took us a BBQ restaurant pub. I’ve heard that traditional pubs are decreasing and they changed into restaurant style pub. 

Shredded pork sandwich tasted so good !



April 12, Atsuko and I took Risa for sight seeing. 


We could see change guard by chance!


We did some band task after came back to the hotel and went to bed.