April 14 BBC session & Ruby Lounge, Manchester 

We had a secret gig at the Pipeline bar in Londo on April 13. It became our good kick off show. Invited audience seemed enjoy our show. 

 On April 14, we had radio live session for BBC. Thank you for letting us to play. DJ Marc was always so cool. Our photo with Marc is on their Twitter. 

Official web. 



After the radio, we went to Ruby Lounge where we played last time, too. Did line check and started the show!!!

I ate sandwich at a cafe near BBC. 

After the radio live session, we went back to the club, The Ruby Lounge where we played last time in 2014 too. We did only line check and the show started. It was very busy day and I had no time to take a picture. This photo is after show. 

It was very hot and humid during the shoe because of a lot of audience. Thank you Manchester!




p.s. Janice made us wonderful breakfast for today and yesterday!

おしゃれー。So beautiful!