April 16 The O2 Academy 3, Birmingham

4月16日(土)は、バーミンガムのThe O2 Academy 3でライブでした。  
we left the ATP hotel and arrived at the venue The O2 Academy 3 around 3pm. There was a big sign on the front of the venue. We loaded in and did stage setting. Then I went to the dressing room and found a big bag of crisps for catering. Cool! 


We finished setting and went to eat dinner. We’ve heard that there is a China town in the neighbours but mot of the Chinese restaurant serve all you can eat style. I can’t eat so much before the show. We went to eat Kebab. 


Our show went well with so many audience. There was a long queue at our merch table after show. 


Photos: The venue when we rehearse. 


Thanks for coming to our show!