May 3 Travel Day

5月3日 移動日 アイルランドのコークからイギリスのリバプールへ。

We traveled from Cork, Ireland to Liverpool, England. 

We drove from Cork to Dublin and boarded around 3pm ferry. My late lunch was grilled chicken breast and mushed potato with black bean sauce. 



I was mostly sleeping in the ferry because I had throat ache. I was lucky because it was not crowded. After 3 and a half hour voyage,we arrived at Holyhead. Having 2 more hours drive, we finally arrived to Liverpool. 


It was 9:00pm. Atsuko and I went to eat Chinese food. Risa preferred to stay in a hotel room. 

I like Asian food because I’m an Asian. I always like Chinese food. 

Then we went back to the hotel and had rest preparing for the 5 more shows.