May 26, Strummer’s, Fresno CA


From the car window. Pyramid of Luxor. 


Eiffel Tower of Paris. 


Stratosphere. I stayed here when our show was cancelled caused by the venue matter. 


We off to the next town Fresno. I wanted play more in Las Vegas. 


Passing through this place,


Looking cactuses 


I had lunch at Panda Express in a town on the way with Miyoko and Risa. 


Fortune cookie. “A new relationship awaits ”


Driving through these scenes,

休憩込みで8時間ほどかけて、会場到着。リハ(sound check)なしでラインチェックのみ。この日は慌ただしくて、会場の表の写真を撮る暇もなかった。

We arrived at the venue after 8 hours drive including some break. We had no sound check but line check. It was a very busy day and I had no time to take a picture of the outside of the venue. 


Trying to work the smoke machine. 


I got a drawing from a fan. Great!


Around the outside of the venue. ‘Tower’ seems like a landmark of this neighborhood. 


We, the band went to a Sushi and Japanese food restaurant searched by Atsuko’s google maps of her mobile. Mobile data communication of my SIM for the U.S. got very slow from around Albuquerque and it got useless. 


I ordered Bento Box. Miso soup was on the side. Soup is served at first in America. Actually I want it to be served at the same time with steamed rice and entrees as a Japanese. 


Salmon teriyaki, deep fried Gyoza, Tempura, California roll, salad and steamed rice. Gorgeous. I ate most of all Tempura and salad in a great hurry and took out the leftovers because we didn’t have enough time until the show. It was yum. I wanted to eat more slowly. 

pic by Miyoko 

pic by Miyoko 


It was a very busy day but I could have a show safely. Everything was thanks to the great audience. There were some people who came from far away. I got a message with a T-shirt. It said that SAC(RAMEN)TO. Sacramento has Ramen in its name. Cool! There was an another person who took his 8 years son. We took a picture with the cute boy. Thanks everybody!
pic by Miyoko 

After show, with the front act Spacehooker.