May 26th Fresno, CA @Strummer’s

Say goodbye to Las Vegas!  Going to Fresno!


When Shonen Knife came to Las Vegas for the first show in 2007, we stayed at Stratosphere. At the time our show was cancelled caused by the venue’s matter. There are fear attractions at the top of the tower. Now I can’t believe it but I rode one of the attractions with drummer Etsuko.


Drive a while, we can see this view. Geological formation!


We stopped for lunch break. Ladies went to a Panda Express. I wanted to eat fish. So I went to a Del Taco. I ordered fish tacos.


Back to drive. It’s long drive day today.


I think I can’t see this kind of view in Japan.


Finally we arrived at the venue after 8 hours drive.


This is the stage.




We walked around the venue searching for the restaurant.


We had dinner at Japanese restaurant! I ate salmon teriyaki and tempura bento box. Lots food! California roll, too! Of course I couldn’t eat everything. I brought leftovers to the hotel and ate after the show. Oh well l ate everything.


With opening act, SPACE HOOKER. He played bass and performed by himself.

フロントアクトのSPACE HOOKERと。1人でベースを弾きながらパフォーマンス。

Our show was great success! It was a tough day. But your smiles gave me energy! Thank you very much. I had a fun time with you!

ショーは大成功! なかなかに忙しく慌ただしい1日でした。でもみんなの笑顔を見るとそんなの忘れちゃいます!楽しいひと時をありがとう!

Photo by Miyoko

Thank you Fresno Rock City!