Jun 22-24 Calgary Canada @Sled Island No.1

A show for Sled Island 2017 in Calgary, Canada.

I left house at 3 am on June 22nd. Went to Los Angeles airport. Sleepy~.


Transited at San Francisco and arrived at Calgary, Canada around 12:30 pm.


I made thorough immigration.  I went to the Sled Island Kiosk but no one there so I made phone call to pick me up.  Calgary airport is like a museum.

無事に入国審査も通過し、空港内のSled Islandのキオスクまで行ったけど誰も居なかったので、電話して迎えに来てもらう事に。空港はちょっとした美術館のようです。

Going to the hotel. I was in the van with metal guys from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

ホテルに向けてバンで移動中です。私とWOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM のメタルガイズが乗車してます。

Jeff gave me drive to the hotel. Thank you! Many volunteers are working for this event.


I could see Naoko who already checked in.


I was so hungry. I walked around the city and had lunch with Naoko and Miyoko.  Risa was sleeping deeply. We let her sleep.


Calgary is beautiful city.


Here is China Town.


Finally we had lunch after lots walking! It was at 3pm. I ate sandwiches with chicken and avocado. I drank black coffee because sleepy.


Went back to the hotel, resting for a while. Naoko and l went to the players lounge in the Calgary Tower.


I couldn’t get any drink.  It was almost closing time at the lounge. But I could enjoy a great 360 view.


Glass floor. Scary~!


I drank coffee for lunch. That’s why I couldn’t go to sleep even I had lack of sleep…?   Tomorrow is the show day! Good night!