June 24, 2017 Sled Island, Calgary CANADA Day#3

今日は帰る日。カルガリーからバンクーバー経由の関西国際空港へ。帰りはAir Canada Rougeと言って、なんやろ、ちょっとカジュアルなLCCっぽいフライトです。液晶画面も機内には無くて、前もって自分のタブレットにアプリをダウンロードして、それで機内のWifiで映画などを見ます。あつこはロサンゼルスへ、みよこさんはトロント経由でバッファローへそれぞれの便に搭乗します。わたしとりさちゃんの便が一番早いので、ゲートまで見送りにきてくれました。別れを惜しんでいざ搭乗。

It was a travel day from Calgary to Osaka-Kansai via Vancouver. We took Air Canada Rouge for the return trip which is a kind of casual, LCC, Low-cost carrier, style flights. The airplane doesn’t have LCD screens. The passengers have to download the application beforehand and are able to watch movies during the flight via Wifi. Atsuko will flight to Los Angeles and Miyoko will go to Buffalo via Toronto. Risa and my flight is the earliest and they came to see us off to the gate. I will miss everybody. Then it’s time to board.


We go to Vancouver first for transfer. We had no time to find any souvenir at Calgary so I walked around Vancouver airport with Risa for an hour. Please do not feed the bear!?


Seems like Chinese Japanese. Full of Chow Mein in a bowl.


Vancouver airport is big.


There were a big fish tank.


After 10 hours 50 minutes flight, we arrived at Osaka-Kansai Airport. This picture is the sea of Sen-nan area on the way home from the airport. The tour of 4 days 2 night passed very quickly but we had so many audience and very kind Sled Island volunteers, I could have a very rewarding experience. Thank you everybody!

少年ナイフ、次のライブは、「712 Day Party 2017」東京、名古屋、大阪です。ぜひお越しください!

Shonen Knife’s next shows are, ‘712 Day Party 2017’ tour in Japan. We’ll play in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Please come to our show!

Sat. July 8, Sin-Daita FEVER, Tokyo

Sun. July 9, Ikeshita CLUB UP SET, Nagoya

Sat. July 15, Shinsaibashi SOMA

These shows will start from 5:30. Don’t miss it!