September 20, Warming up day in Brisbane







I had a banana and soy latte for my breakfast. Soy latte was made by soy milk which I bought at a supermarket last night and put complimentary instant coffee at the hotel. 

Then my guitar was arrived. I was very relieved. 

The layout of our hotel room was a little hard to use and we asked to the front desk to change the room. We moved to a new room at 12:00 but the new room’s air conditioner was broken. We had to move a room again. 

It became a lunch time. Everyone got hungry. Atsuko and Risa went to a bakery and I moved all of our luggage to the new room. I went to the new room and back to the old room again and again. I felt dizzy. 

When Atsuko and Risa came back, it became a time to go. 

午後1時に私たちのオーストラリアのレーベル、Valve Records のオーナーにして、我々のブッキングエージェントのポールが迎えにきてくれました。ポールとは1年8ヶ月ぶりの再会です。そして、みんなでTYM Guitarsと言う、前回もたいそうお世話になった楽器屋さんのスタジオへ行き、リハーサル。

Paul from our Australian record label and agent came to our hotel to pick us up. I saw him after 2 years and 8 months. Then all of us went to a studio at TYM Guitars which we were treated very well last time and rehearsed. 


Inside of TYM Guitars. Many guitars, amps and records. 


Inside of the studio. 


After rehearsal, we did a photo session at outside and inside of the shop. Took a picture with the photographer Stephan. 


After that we went back to the hotel and three of us went dinner hunting. 

徒歩でHARAJUKU GYOZAと言うお店へ。チキンカツカレーと餃子をあつこと半々しました。We found a Japanese gyoza restaurant HARAJUKU GYOZA. I shared a plate of gyoza and a chicken cutlet curry and rice. 


Then we went back to the hotel and Paul came to pick us up and went to see our label mate band Regurgitator’s show. 


Ace from KISS played here, too. 



They played Velvet Underground songs for whole set. I knew all songs they played. 

Went back to the hotel, did laundry and went to bed.