September 24, Wave Rock Weekender at Wave Rock Caravan Park

9月24日(日) Wave Rock キャラバン公園にて行われた音楽イベント、Wave Rock Weekenderに出演しました。

We played at Wave Rock Weekender at Wave Rock Caravan Park, Hyden. 


We took a hotel shuttle to Melbourne airport at 7:45. It took only 5 minutes. Our rent-a-car was taken back by Paul and Greg last night. We loaded our luggage on carts at the airport. We need to pay 4 dollars to use one cart. One of our fan found us and took a picture with him. 


Stacking to Paul, we used the lounge. I made ham and cheese sandwich there. I put it into a Ziplock and took it with me. We had 4 hours flight. I was nearly died because it was freezing on the airplane. I ate sandwich right after departure. I picked cornflakes for flight meal. I also had a banana quickly just before landing because taking plants, animals or honey was prohibited to enter into Perth. 

空港の外に出たら雨が降っていた。今回のツアーで初めての雨です。レンタカーを借りてWave RockがあるHyden へ。

It was raining when we went out from the airport building. It was the first time to have rain for this tour. We rented a car and drove to Hyden which has Wave Rock. 


At the rent-a-car office. 


Gas station on the way. 


I borrowed a toilet and bought mint Chico mentors. 


Fake Thomas?!


We had lunch at an Australian pub on the way to Wave Rock. It’s the same with British one. Three of us shared fish and chips and vegetable pizza. Yum!

Wave Rock Resort 到着!砂漠の自然たっぷり。すばらしい!

Arrived at Wave Rock Resort! Beautiful desert nature!

約4時間で会場のWave Rock Caravan Parkに到着。まずは、公園内のロッジへ。ベッドルームが2つ、リビングとキッチンとバスルーム、そして駐車場があります。

We arrived at today’s venue Wave Rock Caravan Park after 4 hours drive and went to a lodge first. There were 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a car park. 



Paul and Greg brought our dinner from catering area. It took long because it was crowded and hard to get food. 


There are many tents. 

Live pics by Paul 


Thank you for coming to see us!

It was raining so hard just before our shoe time but stopped raining during our show. How lucky we were!




Rock at Wave Rock!

ライブ終了後、Wave Rock を見に行きました。

Went to see Wave Rock after show. 




Went back to the lodge and cheers!