October 2, RRR radio session, Melbourne

10月2日(月) メルボルンのラジオ局、トリプルRでラジオセッション

オーストラリアツアー最終日は、昨日のメルボルンのライブ。そして、本日はメルボルン最大のコミュニティラジオ 3 RRR(トリプルアール) で、ラジオセッションをするので、昼頃ホテルを出発。

Our Australian tour final was yesterday’s Melbourne show. Today, we have a radio session at the biggest community radio 3 RRR. We left the hotel around noon.


This is 3 RRR.


Like a warehouse.


It looks like a gymnasium. Beautiful.


At a green room.


Finished sound check,


I had still cold and waited at a green room. I asked Atsuko and Risa to buy my sandwich. It was tasty but I didn’t have enough time to eat.

ライブの前に私1人でラジオインタビューを受けました。DJは、Joe。私のインタビューの直前の選曲で、Extruders の曲をオンエアしてはりました。私が紹介してExtruders を知って好きになったのだそうです。うれしいね。

I had an interview from DJ Joe before the show. He on aired Extruders song. He said that he got to know them because I introduced them and he became a fan of them. I was happy to hear that.

Live pics by Paul.


Radio listeners who applied for the ticket of this show and first 20 people who wanted to have tickets of this show came to see us. Some were parents and kids. Little kids usually can’t enter in a venue but items a good opportunity to see is. We played 30 min. set and every audience seemed have fun.


We had autographed session after show. There were many cute kids.


We came back to the hotel and had rest and packed our bag. Then Paul, Greg and all of us went to have a dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant.


Thank you Paul, thank you Greg! It was a good Australian tour.

食後にグレッグが近くのAC/DC通りを見せてくれました。AC/D は、オーストラリアでは国民的スターなんだね。

Greg showed us AC/D lane close to the restaurant to me. I confirmed that AC/D is a national star in Australia.


Motorhead Bowie.


It’ll be a travel day tomorrow. Good night.