October 5, Whammy, Auckland NZ


I had to go to bed very late yesterday and getting cold, I was sleeping at the hotel until late noon. I didn’t have appetite but I didn’t want to go with cup noodles. I decided to make it and eat.


The taste was like Chinese noodles. After a few bites, I had stomachache and got very bad. But I think it wasn’t caused by this noodles but my stomach got tired of cold medicines. The condition of my health was not so good for cold, sore throat, coughing and stomachache. Ah…


But I took over my hardship, and getting better at load in time at 4:00pm. Loaded equipment and off to the venue.


This is today’s venue WHAMMY.


Inside of the venue.




The venue is at a basement of a small mall. There are various shops above the venue. We went to a Japanese Bar acho’s in the mall and bought Nikujaga as take away.



After sound check, we went back to the hotel and had rest until an hour before the show.

Nikujaga, stewed pork, potato and vegetables was so delicious. It was very good for my damaged stomach. So helpful!

会場Whammy のポスター

Poster at Whammy





ライブ後、我々は夜食用に肉じゃがが食べたいという事で、あつこと、りさちゃんがacho’s へ買いに行ってくれました。ライブ帰りのお客さんでお店は賑わっていたそうです。そして何と、お店の方がライブに来て、ナイフTを買ってくださったとの事。その上、肉じゃがをおまけしてくださいました。本当にありがとうございます!

This chocolate which Thomas prepared for us seems popular in New Zealand.

Then show time has come! There were many audience and they looked having fun. I see many young people today. Thanks a lot!

We wanted to eat Nikujaga again. Atsuko and Risa went to acho’s again.

There were many people after show drinking at acho’s. People working at acho’s said that she came to our show and bought our T-shirt. Thank you! They also treated Nikujaga! How nice!