27 and 28 March

27 March KIX to LHR
Risa and I took Cathy Pacific this time to London via Hong Kong.


Both of us wore stripe shirt coincidentally.








Flight meal from Osaka-Kansai to Hong kong was chicken.
 Sobs noodles looked like ramen. There was a cup of ice cream, too. A seat next to me was empty and it was comfortable.









Transit at the airport in Hong Kong. Outside was foggy by smog or something.








The first flight meal between Hong Kong and London Heathrow was tomato mushroom pasta.








The second one was fish.
We landed on London safety. There was a long queue and took long for immigration but everything went well. We met I our new booking agent Jack at the airport.
We joined Atsuko who arrived earlier from Los Angeles at the hotel. Then went to bed.



28 March

It was a day for picking up our equipment from our former agent. Jack showed the way to the Tube station. We had coffee on the way at a cafe beside a park. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was raining all day.


With Jack. Thanks for everything!

Then we took A ride on Tube and went to our former agent Damnably. We got our equipment and took a taxi to go back. I really thank to Damnably who took care of us very much. Then I arranged my luggage and went to bed.