29 March BBC radio session

I had a phone interview at 10:30 in a hotel room. I felt that my English is getting better after I arrived here. I think one reason why is I exchanged tons of English emails before the tour.


We left the hotel at 11:30 and went to Euston station with Jack. We met our tour manager Pep there. It’s the first time to work with him.


Pep with our gift from Osaka

I bought Panini to eat in the train, Pep and the band took a 12:20 train to Manchester. We arrived after 2 hours ride. Taking a tram and arrived at Media Centre station where BBC is there.
駅弁 lunch in a train

車内で食べるために駅でパニーニを買い、Pepと4人で、12時20分発の列車に乗り込みManchester へ。2時間余りで到着。そこからトラムでBBCのある、Media Centre駅へ。目の前がBBCです。

We finally arrived here with guitars and heavy equipment.

I ate thick tomato soup and danish bread after sound check at a cafe in the neighborhood.



We played at Marc Riley on BBC 6 music several times. We played these 4 songs Rock’n’ T-shirt, Ramen Rock, Twist Barbie, Antonio Baka Guy this time as live  performance.

今まで何度か出演させてもらっているBBC 6 musicのMarc Rileyの番組、今回はRock’n’ T-shirt, Ramen Rock, Twist Barbie, Antonio Baka Guyの4曲を生演奏しました。


I got nervous because of live broadcasting but could enjoy playing songs. We took a picture with Marc after show. He was cool and nice as usual.


I was so exhausted but could come back to London safely. It is helpful that we can use Tube late at night.


Arrived at the hotel just before 1:00am. I slept very quickly in bed. Everyone did great job!