30 March

30 March

By the way, my EE’s SIM card which we bought at a convenience shop on the first day doesn’t work for mobile data roaming. I can only use telephone. I could nothing without data roaming and it’s been so stressful in these days. I tried to go to ask EE shop close to the hotel but the clerk said I didn’t purchase it at the same shop and he can’t accept my claim.


But the day before yesterday, I asked about it at EE store at a mall in Stratford, they said that they could check it. I had no time at that time and didn’t asked.

We had a plan to go to Stratford again today for picking up our vinyls to Damnably, I dropped to the mall.



Atsuko, Risa and I took a bus and Tube to go to Stratford in East London from Northern London. It was raining as usual. We had seats on the upper level and saw outside through misted windows.


After we arrived at the mall, I had Chinese for lunch. It always tasty. Atsuko and I shared these.


We left Risa at the mall for shopping, Atsuko and I went to pic up vinyls. Our tour manager Pep was kindly came by car and loaded them a car.


Then he drove to the mall and drop us off. I went to EE store and asked to check my SIM card. People at the store checked carefully but it didn’t work. I decided to purchase it again at O2. I said that if your SIM would work, I would like to buy. People at O2 store were kindly checked and activated quickly. It was like a magic!


It was an Easter holiday, the mall was so crowded. Risa joined and get some food. After that, we took a Tube.


We tried to change the Tube at Tottenham Court Road station but Nothern line was stopped.

地下鉄に乗り、Tottenham Court Roadで乗り換えようとしたら、祝日と言うことでノーザンラインが止まってる!

I heard that 24 hours operated lines had maintenance during a holiday but it’s complicated for me.


We went up to the ground and took a bus to our agent Jack’s office. We ate food from the mall and sorted our Rock’ T-shirts. I came back to the hotel and slept quickly.