31 March Rehearse Day

I got up a little early and made price tags for CDs, CD/DVD and vinyls. We sorted T-shirts again from noon. Went back to the hotel around 3pm and ate food quickly from a supermarket in the neighborhood. We offed to the rehearsal studio at 4:30 with our equipment on a tour van driven by Pep.



I didn’t know why but when I was eating, fire alarm was ringing. I was surprised.


We loaded our equipment to the studio and rehearsed. My Taurus amp head in Britain was broken. I have to send it to maintenance. Bass cabinet we rented was too big and heavy to carry. We decided to switch to a little smaller one tomorrow.


Our rehearsal went well. Ready to ROCK!

I ate food from supermarket at hotel room and went to bed. Atsuko and Risa went to eat Fish and Chips.



When I turned on the TV, Bryan Ferry was appeared. Very British!