4 April Joiners, Southampton

I ordered the same menu at the hotel dining in the morning but there were two eggs. One egg yesterday.


Bread looks like book shelves.


We left the hotel 11:30. From the car window. Old stones or bricks buildings along the road. Checked in the hotel in Southampton after 2.5 hours drive and went to the venue.


This is The Joiners. We played here several times. Beautiful building. There was a queue before the door open around 7pm. Thank you so much!

こちら、度々出演させてもらっているThe Joiners。立派な建物です。開場前からお客さんが並んでくださってます。(7時ごろの様子)

I heard that it’s the 50th anniversary this year. Congratulations!


My picture is decorated on the shelf at the bar. I think it was taken in 1993. Wow! 25 years ago!


I wrote the band name on the back.


I changed the string which was broken yesterday after sound check and set merch table. Dinner was served by the venue.



It was tomato pasta. I topped cheese a lot. I refilled extra cheese again. Yummy!

The Joiners 撮影。pic by The Joiners.

We had fantastic time with the great audience. Thank a lot!


A man showed us his drawings when we were at the merch table. He drew them during the show. Cool! Very look like.


Took a pic with the opening act The Gilles. Thanks!

オープニングバンドのThe Gilliesのみんなと記念撮影。おつかれさま。

50周年のThe Joiners 、これからもますますのご繁栄を願います。

50th Birthday of the Joiners!

May prosperity continue to reign!