8 April a day off in London


It was a day off in London but I have many things to do. I had coffee and cookies for breakfast and we sorted out our Rock’n’roll T-Shirts.


Atsuko went for massage because of her shoulder ache. I did stock taking during she was out. After she came back and ate a rice ball, we took a walk around there.


Maturational beef?!


Steak house of this meat shop on the other side. It must be an old church.


Walking through these streets,


Cherry trees are flowering.

そして目的地はここ!この近辺、Muswell Hill出身のKinksが初めてライブをしたと言うパブClissold Arms。中に入って見たかったけど、貸切パーティー中でした。当時からはオーナーが変わって、違う雰囲気になってるらしいけど。

The destination is here! Clissold Arms where the Kinks from these area Muswell Hill played the first gig. We wanted to enter but closed for a party. The owner was changed and I heard that the atmosphere has changed, though.


I went back to the hotel and wrote blogs. After that, three of us went to a Korean-Japanese restaurant.



All three of us ordered Chicken-Katsu Curry. The portion was so big and I couldn’t eat everything. I ate all of cut let, though. Atsuko and I shared Sake.

At regular curry restaurants in Japan don’t service miso soup with curry but at a popular cheap Japanese restaurant Matsuya serves it. We never have miso soup served first. It’s always with main dish and don’t use spoon but chop sticks for miso soup.


Chopsticks stand looked like a ping pong racket. Cute!


I had a piece of melange which I bought on the way. I brush my teeth and went to bed.