17 April Sub 89, Reading


I bought rice balls at a supermarket nearby in the morning and ate at the table outside of the store.

ロンドンから車で1時間あまりでレディング到着。ここが会場のSub 89。

We arrived at Reading after an hour drive. This is the venue Sub 89.


Loaded in from back door. The venue is upstairs but there’s a lift. So helpful! By the way, in the UK, lift and in America, it’s elevator.


Inside of the venue.

サウンドチェックして、グッズコーナーを設営。グレーのマトリョーシカ、Sと、Women’s M, Women’s Lのみ少し作ってみました。

After sound check, we sat up merch table. We newly made gray Matryoshka Tee of Small, Women’s M & Women’s L.

サポートバンドのThe Keep Catsがサウンドチェック中。彼らは12歳の時に結成して今はみんな15歳だそうです。ポップな音楽で、かわいかった。

Today’s support band The Keep Cats were sound checking. They formed a band when they were 12 years old and now they are 15 years old. Their songs were cute and pop.


We had Chinese for dinner. The restaurant was next to the venue. I ordered prawn chow mein. There were tons of prawns and asked Atsuko and Risa to eat them. It was yummy.


Jasmine tea is good match with Chinese. There was a Chabashira, a vertical stalk in my tea!

Photography by Jack


Surrounded by many audience, we got power on stage. There was a long queue at the merch table. Thank you so much, Reading rock city!