18 April Exchange, Bristol


What a sunny and warm day today! It’s been raining and cold since we came to the UK but the weather has changed.


We arrived at a country side hotel of Bristol after an hour. Risa checked in the hotel with a stuffed animal.


It’s Kaiju-monster.


I went to buy my lunch to a convenience shop at a gas station. Is the petrol fee cheap or expensive in the UK?


I bought bread, rocket and Camembert. I made sandwich with them and added mayonnaise which I took from Japan. Comparing to Japan, bread and cheese are cheap in the UK. Rocket is from Italy. UK is still joining EU so far and it might cheap without custom duty.

2時間ほどホテルで休憩したのち、会場のExchange 到着。

We had two hours rest at the hotel and arrived at the venue, Exchange.


Inside of the venue.


There was a dog. Good dog.


There was an autographed poster of Melvins at upstairs.


The load in time was an hour later than usual. Door open time came very quickly. As soon as the door opened, Pep got busy. Thank you Pep!


We went to get food to a mall in the neighbourhood. Atsuko and Risa had hamburgers and I had sandwich. We ate them quickly at a table outside.


I bought sandwich for Pep at another cafe.


We rushed back to the venue after eating. Angle of the traffic lights around here are complicated for me. I have to be careful when I cross the roads. People in the UK cross roads anytime if there is no car. It’s scary for me and I can’t do that.


今日のサポート、Ramonas と記念撮影。バンド名からするとラモーンズ的なのを想像するけど、マイナーコード主体の曲調でした。どっちか言うとオフスプリングかな。おつかれさま!

The show was packed with cheerful audience! Thank you for coming!! It wasn’t so hot on stage by an electric fan but it must so hot on the floor. Ponds of beer were appeared on the floor after show.

We took a photo with today’s support Ramonas. Their music isn’t like Ramones but songs with minor chords. It reminds me of Off Spring. Thank you!


Silkscreen posters were at merch table on this day. It has a story and fun. Cool!


With the artist Shaun.


We came back to the dressing room for change clothes, there were some vegetables left in the fridge.