19 April Bodega, Nottingham


Driving through here,


We arrived at today’s venue Bodega.


Load in first. Having a little stiffness in my back.


Yikes! Steps! But our promotor and people from the venue helped us lot. Thank you so much! It was so helpful!


Risa is setting her drum kit by herself. Most of all Japanese venue prepare full drum kit and we can rent it but we have to bring our own one in western countries. We sometimes let support bands to use our drum kit and amps. Sometimes screws fly away, though.


We set the stage and finished sound check, went to set the merch stall. It’s a routine work as usual. Some items are already gone.


We went to a Chinese-Japanese restaurant. I had Unagi Bento which is a little expensive menu. It was big eel compared with Japanese eel. Deep fried tofu, shrimp tempura and gyoza in it. So much deep fried food! Gyoza was the best in these contents. Might be it’s Chinese.


Manzai? Banzai? Bonsai? Bonzai? What’s the meaning?


Tram in Nottingham town.


We still had time and went to have some coffee. I had green tea latte. Relaxed.



When we went back to the venue, the neon was lighting.

Then show time has come! The venue was packed and very hot! Many audience sang along us. I’m happy to see it. Thank you so much!