21 April The Shipping Forecast


We moved to the next hotel and checked in. I updated my blog at the hotel room. Three hours later, off to the venue. These are the scenery of Liverpool from car window.


Arrived at the venue.


Load in now! Wow! Stairs again! The venue today is in basement.



Our promoter Natalie who is a beautiful lady helped us and finished the load in. So helpful! Thank you!

Inside of the venue looks like Cavern Club of the Beatles. It’s very much like Liverpool.


The side of the stage looks like a jailhouse.


Our reliable tour manager Pep sat up merch table during our sound check like yesterday.


I ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Burger for dinner at the pub upstairs.


The bar upstairs. Many people were drinking and eating there and talking in a loud voice with fun.


This is just I imagined. Curry sauce on juicy chicken.


I walked around the venue for about 10 minutes. It was Saturday and the town was alive with many people. I saw many people wearing party dresses.


Then show time! I was so happy with many audience. It must be hard to see us because the stage height wasn’t enough but it seems that the audience were having fun. Thank you so much!



The sound guy played BGM right after we finished the last song of our set and turned off our microphones. We were thinking about encore because we heard applause but we couldn’t. Anyway sorry about that.

ライブ後、サポートバンドのTakotsubo Menの皆さんと記念撮影。面白いバンド名やな。ライブ見られへんかったけど、CDもらいました。ありがとう。

We took a photo with Takotsubo Men who supported today. The band name is cool. I could see their show but got their CD. Thank you!