27 April Fibbers, York


It’s raining as usual. Checked out the hotel at noon. Pep drove to National Railway Museum and drop Risa there. Atsuko and I went to O2 shop to top up. A guy at the shop said intimidatingly “Unfortunately, we can’t top up by our system today!”. We ran away quickly. Then we entered in EE shop near by. There were 2 clerks who were talking with other customers. We were waiting long but they totally ignore us. It’s ridiculous and we gave up. Clerks at mobile shops in a big shopping mall were kind, though. We walked to Railway Museum to pick Risa up.

そこから3人で昼食を食べに行きました。地図で見つけたIppuku Tea Roomという、小さな和風カフェへ。

After that, three of us went to eat lunch to a tiny Japanese cafe Ippuku Tea Room which I found on a map.


Risa and I had chicken mayo bowl and Atsuko had omu-rice.


It was yum.


I ordered a cup of coffee and green tea rolled cake for dessert!


Atsuko and Risa had green tea latte. They were surprised at full cup of tea.


Loaded in the venue by walk.


This is the venue. Jack joined us today. Pep arrived by our van soon. Then load in!


I was repairing my equipment and couldn’t take care of merch table but Risa and Pep sat up it. Thanks a lot! Three bands tonight.


Then Jack, Pep and three of us went dinner to a restaurant near by. Two British men never use umbrellas.


Dinner at Chinese-Japanese restaurant.



Pep ate beef bowl with tons of wasabi!


The show was started! I took a photo of the first band FOND from the dressing room window. Their music was a little country taste and it was fun.

Photo by Jack

そして我々の出番!我々ロックしました。お客さん、皆さんニコニコ楽しそうに、見てくれていました。ありがとう!ライブの後、グッズコーナーに長蛇の列!列の最後に今日2ばん目に出演したSWAGE FARMのメンバーが待っていてくれてTシャツを買ってくれました!ありがとう!

Then our turn! We ROCKed, The audience seemed having fun and were smiling during our show. Thank you for coming! Long queue at the merch table was happening after show. At the end of the queue, members from the second band SWAGE FARM were waiting and purchased Rock’n’roll T-shirts. Thank you so much!


Their music was fun with good melodies and cute arrangement. I had a great time in York.


After live show, DJ was started. Huge difference! Lol!