30 April Sage 2, Gateshead



I had a little cold and stayed in a hotel room until just before departure time. We left the hotel 16:45 and loaded in the venue at 16:00.

This glass building is the venue where we played two years ago, too. The crew at the venue helped loading by using carts. It finished very quickly. Nice!


Inside of the venue.


After sound check, we sat the merch table outside of the hall.


Today’s support is Kolers from Los Angeles who played with us several times on this tour. They are nice guys. Sound checking now.


There are two dressing rooms today. Gorgeous! We used only one room, though. There is a TV monitor.


Dinner was served at the venue. I had vegetable risotto and fish cake. The tray of risotto is made of cheese. So thick! But I ate most of all!


I tried to cut fish cake. It’s like a cream croquette and Egg Benedict on it.


And show time! Thank you for coming to our show in spite of Monday. There were many people at the autograph session after show. Thank you again and I hope to come back!