August 27 From Osaka to Buffalo, NY


Risa and I departed from Itami airport to the US this time. By the way, Formal name of Itami airport is Osaka International airport. We have Kansas International airport, too. I think it’s a little complicated.


I left home before noon and had Ten-Zaria soba noodles for lunch at the airport.



Took a picture before getting through security as usual.

From Itami to Narita, Tokyo, we took American Airlines operated by Japan Airlines. The uniform of the fright attendants for JAL was cute. Long time no Japanese airlines.


We did procedure for departure at Narita and flew on a Chicago-bound American Airlines. The first flight food was shrimp cream sauce penne. It was yum. But I think Japanese pickle isn’t good match for this menu. Pink one is Japanese pickles.


For snacks, a box of sandwiches and KitKat were served. I totally slept when it was served. It was yum.


このフライトで見た映画は「猿の惑星 新世紀」と「犬ヶ島」。どちらもとても面白かったけど、時々うつらうつらしてたので、完璧には見られませんでした。

I watched these two movies.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Isle of dogs

Both of them were interested but I fall asleep sometimes during the movie.




We passed through immigration at Chicago and picked up our suits cases. Then moved from Terminal 5 of International to Terminal 3 of domestic. It took about 10 minutes by shuttle bus. It’s a huge airport.

We waited at the gate until boarding time but it looked nothing was happening. I went to check the signboard and found the gate was changed.

Anyway we boarded on the airplane to Buffalo NY safely.


We joined Atsuko. She arrived from Los Angeles earlier today and we had late at night dinner together.


I ate B.L.T. sandwich.


Cheers for the success of the tour!