September 7 Audiotree Session Chicago, IL


We stay 2 nights at the same hotel. Departure time was half past one. I had a little cold and went to bed early last night but I wake up mostly once per 3 hours. I felt lack of sleep. I had back ache, too and didn’t have much energy to go out for lunch. I made steamed rice using a rice cooker for microwave at the hotel room and pour curry sauce from Japan. Curry and rice tasted good.

Driving through Chicago traffic jam, we arrived to Audiotree studio. Audiotree is a streaming service.



Loading lift. Useful.


The entrance. Kenny in the picture.

Pic by Miyoko


We sat up the equipments and doing sound check. The sound was very good.

Pic by Miyoko

We played 7 songs and chat. Everything went well. Thank you Audiotree and people who watch the streaming on the earth.



Finished today`s task, we went to the Japanese supermarket, MITSUWA Market Place.


Everyone was hungry and rushed to food court. I had Shio-Ramen at Santoka Ramen. This is Smal Size.


Thick soup.


Actually, write Japanese letters from left to right but this is opposit.


The Three Sta-Don Chicken Cutlet Curry guys, John, Miyoko and Jake. From left to right.



I bought these at Mitsuwa Market Place. The price is 2 times as much compared to Japanese one because of shipping fee and tax.

I went to bed around 10pm.