September 14 Stickyz Rock’n’roll Chicken Shack, Little Rock, AR


We checked out at 10:30. Driving through a huge land.


At a gas station on the way. The sense of the selling items are different from Japanese ones.


Jake bought a corn dog. Looks yummy.


It seems that cutting through rock mountains, this road was made.


What is this?


We had lunch at a fast Mexican on the way.


I bought 3 Tacos of pulled pork. I wish I could buy 1 Taco. But actually I ate 3 Tacos at once. My stomach became big.


Driving through the area like this, we arrived at a hotel in Little Rock after almost 7 hours drive.


Everybody drop their bags off and our crew went to the venue for line check. The band stayed at the hotel and had rest. We had no microwave at our room. I went down to the dining and boiled pasta. I mixed fish soup with it and made Japanese taste spaghetti.


John picked us up to the hotel and drove to the venue. This is the entrance of the venue. Miyoko took this picture for us because we had no time to take pictures of the venue.

会場のポスター。Poster at the venue.


A banner on the wall of the stage.

会場内部 inside of the venue.

今日の二つ目のサポートバンド、Spirit Conzが演奏中。

The second support band, Spirit Contz is on stage.


Today’s local special poster.


August 18th, Little Rock AR

A drawing on the toilet wall. I took this picture when I came here in 2012.

Live Photos by Miyoko


Then show time came. It was Friday night. The audience was not so loud at the beginning. But a few songs later, they got energetic and hyper. Thank you so much! After the first encore, the audience roared for the 2nd encore. We played the 2nd one


We took a picture with a person who wore punk rock clothes. Thank you everyone!


After show, we were served dinner to go at the venue. I ordered Quesadillas. It include chicken, green pepper, cheese and so on. It was so delicious. I ate full just before went to bed. I must be a little dangerous for my diet?!