September 17 Day Off, Austin ~ San Antonio


May 19, Barracuda, Austin TX

ここは、去年オースチンで、ライブ前に入ったラーメン屋さん、Daruma Ramenの姉妹店です。日本語のお米以外に、コメは、スペイン語だと食べるという意味だとジェイクとジョンが言ってた。なかなか深い。

We checked out the hotel at noon and drove to a Japanese restaurant in Austin, komé. This is a sister restaurant of Daruma Ramen which we had lunch last year.

komé means rice in Japanese. Jake and John said that komé means ‘eat’. It’s interesting.


A person at the restaurant is a fan of Shonen Knife and we were served sushi for free. Thanks a lot! It was delicious.


I ordered Tempura Zaru Udon. It was very tasty!


Took a pic. Atsuko ordered cold ramen. Others had Katsu-don!!!


After delicious komé, we went to another sister cafe, Sa-Tén. It means coffee shop in Japanese.

抹茶ラテを買いました。I bought Matcha latte.


After that, we drove to a Korean supermarket, H-mart.


I bought one baguette and a pastry.


They sold Hello Kitty’s toilet rolls.


We drove to Austin to San Antonio. Map said that it would take an hour and a half but actually it took almost 3 hours. Pic is downtown of San Antonio.


Right after we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and drove to a coin laundry. I couldn’t bear to keep dirty clothes any more. It was Monday night but many people came to the laundry. It is too much work using cars and to do laundry.


It took 30 minutes each for wash and dry. I paired $1.25 each. It was cheaper than coin laundries in hotels.


It got dark outside after washed clothes and went out.

お腹が空いていたので、近隣のWhata Burger へ。テキサスのハンバーガーチェーンです。

We went to Whata Burger near by because got hungry. It is a hamburger chain in Texas.


Atsuko and I ordered one chicken salad and a pack of onion rings to go.



We shared them at the hotel room. I served it on a paper tray. Added French bread from H-Mart. Even half portion, it was enough and yum. Then went to bed.