September 23 Yucca Tao Room, Tempe AZ


Checked out the hotel at noon and had branch at IHOP near by.

美代子さん撮影。Pic by Miyoko


It was Sunday afternoon. It was crowded by families who had been to church.



The selection of the restaurant was timely. I wanted to eat American pancake.

I wish I could have lettuce and tomato on the side for this Swiss cheese omelette. The food would be looking beautiful and good for your health if some vegetables on the side.


I took the leftover. To go box was pretty good.


It will take an hour and a half from Tucson to Tempe by car. I checked the temperature at present and it said 38℃! It will be 39℃! How dangerous!


May 24, Yucca Tap Room, Tempe, AZ

I took a picture of beautiful spectacle. I took the same scene last year, too.


Big cactus.


We checked in the hotel in Tempe once. Risa asked to take a picture with cactus.


When we went to the venue. This is a kind of antenna imitate to a palm tree. We have similar one in Osaka. A supermarket chain in Osaka has imitation fireworks sign.

こちら、会場のYucca Tap Room。

This is the venue, Yucca Tap Room.


We often see this warning at the entrance of the venue. No weapons. Of course!


We are on the flyer.

セッティング中。Setting our equipment.

美代子さんaka DJ Sashimi作のご当地ポスター。アイデア豊富!サボテンのお団子ヘアーかわいい。

Special local poster made by Miyoko aka DJ Sashimi. Nice idea and creative. Cactus hair looks cute.


Colorful rock’n’roll T-shirts.


Risa is drawing picture for “Cymbal Art”. Leaning her back, she is working hard like ese artist Shikou Munakata.



Finished! It’s cute, isn’t it?

After sound check, we got an interview for the local news of FOX. Are we a news topic?!


There was no dressing room today. We had a rest area in the game room.


I played KISS pinball machine.


We had BAO at the venue.


I ate pork BAO and mushroom BAO. So tasty!


I tried to have a rest in our van but I felt that it was too hot and dangerous. I dicided to walk around the neighbors. I took a picture of the entrance of Yucca Tap Room.


I went to a superarket near by. I love walking in supermarket. They sold stamps and I bought 1 sheet of 20 stamps for $10. They sell only a sheet. It is domestic forever stamps. 1 stamp cost 50 cents. If I want to send a postcard internationally, it’s a little too much but I can put 3 domestic forever stamps.


Then Atsuko and I went to Burgar King. This is very sweet ice coffee. When I was relaxed I had a massage that the show was running early and come back to the venue. What? I’ve heard that our show time was 10pm but it’s still 8:54. Is that true? I gave up drinking more of the very sweet ice coffee and rushed back to the venue.


After I came back, we found that there was one more support band. Everybody was heard that the support was 2 bands. I sat on a chairs beside the mercy table during the 3rd band was playing. Finally, we were on stage at 10pm.

Live pics by Miyoko





We could have great time on stage with so many energetic audience. Thank you very much!

After show, I talked with our fans at the merch table and got Gin & Tonic from the bar. Good!

We came back to the hotel and when I was just trying to go to bed, someone knocked our room. It seemed that a drunk guy mistook the room. We ignored him and he had gone to somewhere. It was a cursed nuisance at midnight.

Anyway, good night.