September 25 Drive Day Las Vegas, NV~ Fresno, CA

朝9時半ぐらいから約一時間、あつことラスベガスのダウンタウンFremont Streetを散策。

Atsuko and I walked around Fremont Street of Down Town Las Vegas for an hour from 9:30.

Dokkenとか、The Cultとか、Jefferson Starship とか往年の人気バンドのフリーコンサートやってるんや。

Free concert of big stars like Dokken, The Cult or Jefferson Starship are held here.


You can go through in the air along the rope. It’s an attraction at Fremont.

Fremont StreetのホテルGolden Nuggetの朝食バフェに行こうとするも月曜日と火曜日はお休みで閉まっていた。

We tried to go to buffet at Golden Nugget for breakfast but it was closed on Monday and Tuesday.


It says Super Group. Always many attractions in Las Vegas.


Then we went to Starbucks.I had Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee.


On the way to the hotel, I dropped at Walgreens on Fremont street and bought knee supporter. An drunk person grabbed my knee very hard during the show. I’m not sure but I think it effects yo my left knee getting swollen. I can use the supporter when I play tennis.


We departed at 12:00 from Las Vegas to Fresno.

バイバイ、ラスベガス。Las Vegas Stripの方も行きたかった〜。

Good bye Las Vegas. I wanted to go to Las Vegas Strip district.


At a gas station on the way, I did this. I love it.


$1 for open the door. I know what is inside.


Moving dolls were decorated. They show the gold rush.

ゴツゴツ山。Rock sand mountain.


I played Animal Crossing in the van. This new character’s cloth is just like Risa’s stage costume.


I see many airplanes over there.


It is “graveyard” of airplane. A factory of scrap airplanes.


We had very late lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

たまごスープ。Egg soup.


I ordered lemon chicken. Egg fried rice with chicken.

いただきまーす!Let’s eat!

Bon appetite.


Fortune cookie after lunch. The only rose without a thorn is friendship?!


Funny Tomato Head sign.


Beautiful sunset.


We arrived at a hotel just before 9pm. I went to a supermarket near by. They sold many Mexican foods.


I bought donuts of Mexican bread brand BIMO bread, yogurt and a cable for iPhone. This yogurt tastes very good! Donuts are tasty, too. These are not so sweet.



I came back to the hotel room and made dip sauce for Somen Noodles. And I boiled Somen Noodles which are from Japan. I put them in a paper cup and it might not looked delicious but actually it was very tasty!

Good night.