September 26 Drive Day Fresno ~ Sacramento


I wake up around 6 am. I couldn’t sleep again and went to the dining to have breakfast. I made half sized waffle. It takes 3 min. When the alarm of the waffle machine rung, a guy with a cooler box tried to take my waffle. He seemed not staying this hotel. I came near him and he said, “Oh, this is yours.” And went somewhere.


We left the hotel at noon. Today’s driving is 3 hours. We dropped at a supermarket in Sacramento.


I bought retort tuna. I can make tuna spaghetti or tuna sandwich with this.


Then we went to a Japanese bakery Mahoroba. Their bread looked delicious. I bought a chocolate nuts bread and Shoku-pan bread.


They say Kobe cream bread is the No.1 popular.


After that, we went to a Japanese-Hawaiian supermarket Oto’s in the same mall.


There was a DAISO section. Any items $1.50. In Japan, 100 yen.


This drawing doesn’t look Japanese made.


DAISO tote like fashion brand?!


After that, around 4:30, we went to an Vietnamese Cafe. We can order at a counter and eat at a table.


I ordered vegetables base and fried tofu. Big portion.


I ate and ate but these were left. We checked in the hotel and I put it in a fridge.


And did laundry at the hotel.


Laundry and pool were near by. Atsuko and I tried to swim but water was very cold and gave us swimming. The temperature outside was hot, though.


Jacuzzi next to the pool had warm water. It was very good. We were the only people to use jacuzzi for a while. It was like outdoor bath of Onsen in Japan.


I moved laundry from a washing machine to a dryer and came back to jacuzzi. We waited in the jacuzzi until our laundry would be done. When finished, it became dark outside.


Went back to the hotel room and ate pastry from Mahoroba and slept in bed.