September 30 Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA


I put peanut butter on my toast because didn’t want to eat margarine like yesterday but actually these two are similar.


We left the hotel in Portland at 11am and went to the hotel in Seattle.


After we checked in, I ate seaweed rice ball which I made and miso soup in the room.


Atsuko boiled spaghetti and I got half of it and put Tarako fish roe pasta sauce on it and ate. Is it overeat?


Driving through these places, we went to the venue. I heard that Seattle and Kobe city are sister cities. This area looks like Port Island in Kobe.


Luxury liner is anchoring. Kobe has the same scenery.


Here might be Rokko mountain area if here is Kobe.


Today’s special local poster. Starbucks started from Seattle.

会場のTractor Tavern到着。何度も出してもらっているお馴染みの会場です。

Arrived at Tractor Tavern. We played here several times.

ステージ Stage



After soundcheck, Atsuko and I went to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner. Risa wanted to eat Sushi and went to a Japanese restraint to take out Sushi.

レストランの中。Inside of the restaurant.


I ordered beef tacos. Fried long leeks were on the top of tacos. They tasted so good. Of course tacos were good, too. One portion had 5 tacos but I can eat only 3. I gave one to Atsuko and take away for one.

Yum yum.


Around the venue, there were fashionable shops.


We had time and I wanted to drink coffee. We dropped at a cupcake cafe.


Atsuko and I bought one salt caramel cup cake and had a bite. I took the leftover with me.


It was late and most of all shops were closed. I just took pictures of show windows.


This sign is twirling roasted pig. Funny.


We came back to the venue after dinner.


There were many people at the venue. Today’s show is Sold Out!!

最初のサポートは、Ichi Bichi。

The first support band Ichi Bichi was playing.

2番目に出たのは、Bad Saint.

The second support was Bad Saint.

今日のドラムヘッドアートは、りさちゃん作。タイトルはI am a Cat.

Today’s Drumhead Art is drawn by Risa. The title is I am a Cat.

Live pics by Miyoko


It is no doubt that everybody there got to be cheerful and having fun because of the sold out show. Live show is an exchange of groove between the stage and the audience. Synergistic effect. Thank you very much for coming to our show!