Oct 4 Fresno, CA @Strummer’s


Adios San Francisco! Drive to Fresno today.


We stopped for lunch. Naoko, Miyoko and I went to a Mexican place. I ate fish taco. Young guys went to a Chipotle Mexican grill. If I could order one taco at a Chipotle, I will eat there.


We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went to the venue. We played at this venue last year.


Merch table. It’s getting small selection of goods. Especially Tshirts!


We went to a Japanese restaurant to buy sushi. The venue served foods but we didn’t want to eat tacos or hamburger…that night.


When we were waiting for takeout food, there was a sudden blackout! The shops across the street didn’t have blackout. What happened?


We got food in the dark. Brought back to the dressing room. I ate Premium California roll. Fresh water eel on top!


Naoko made drumhead art. This was the last one of this tour!


There were some drawings on the wall inside of dressing room. Those theme are “Halloween”? They didn’t have this nice dressing room last year.


She gave us cute drawing!

Live photo by Miyoko

後ろのスクリーンが素敵!お客さんのピンクの髪の割合が高い、何故に? ライブは楽しく盛り上がりました。ありがとう!

There was cool screen behind us! I saw some audiences had pink hair same as Risa. We had a fun time! Thank you!!

Thank you Fresno Rock City!


Went back to the hotel, Miyoko and Risa gave tater tots for us. It’s dangerous to eat like this late at night! It was delicious! I also ate leftover sushi too!